What XML technologies to learn first for "XML Processing" and "XML Mapping"?


Doing job interviews.  I know XML basics, but I want to familiarize
myself with the best that XML has to offer at the moment.  What do I
need to learn?  In other words, what is the dominant XML technology
being used at the moment for processing?  What is the 'struts' of the
XML world?

I've used a bit of JDOM, DOM4J, and JAXB.  I know there are other
xml-to-java serialization-type technologies out there that are less
cumbersome - which do I need to know first?  Which are most
interesting?  Which could become market leaders?

Also, what are alternatives, if any, to XML?  I know about just using
properties file, but if you've got serious data issues to work out, is
XML the only way to go?

7/28/2004 7:26:55 AM
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