JSP, Servlet's, EJB's, Bean's?

I am currently developing an application where I call command line
programs and capture the output. This is fine.

What I am doing is creating a web interface for these programs using
JSP/Servlets. What I would like to do is be able to call these
programs. Using buttons or something, and dumping the output into a
text area.

I have a servlet that I generates the output that I need.

My question is How do I get that output into the textarea?
When I call a new function I want to be able to append the text to the
end of the text area.

I was told in another group that I would need a bean to interface with
the servlet. I am so confused.

Any help will be very much appreciated. 

BTW I am using Tomcat for my Web server, JBoss for my EJB's if that
makes any difference.

2/20/2004 4:20:43 PM
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