activex control and tab control

I am using a two page tab control. I place an activex control on one
page. the activex renerates images. When I run the vi, the activex
control appears on both pages. I only want the control to show on one
page. Can anyone help me? The control correctly shows on one page when
the vi is NOT running.
x9561 (148440)
11/24/2003 3:38:10 PM
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I have seen this problem in the past. What version are you using? I
know it was fixed in version 7 and I think it was in version 6.1, but
I am not sure.
x9561 (148440)
11/24/2003 8:22:09 PM
I am using version 6.1
x9561 (148440)
11/25/2003 1:01:07 PM
I don't have 6.1 in front of me now. I came up with a workaround for
my application when I encounted this problem. I created an attribute
node for the container and the tab control. Whenever the tab control
was not on the page with the control, I made the container invisible.
This then hid the activeX control.
x9561 (148440)
11/25/2003 3:01:10 PM
Another document that talks about how to solve this problem (although
it shouldn't happen in LabVIEW 6.1, only earlier versions):
How to Place an ActiveX Container on a Tab Control?

Hope this helps.
x9561 (148440)
11/25/2003 5:37:07 PM