Case Structures in LabVIEW 8.5

Is there any way to have a case structure based on different file paths?  In the VI I'm creating, there are limited number of files that a user can read in and I want to have different cases depending on which file path they chose.
Hopefully this question is worded well enough for you to understand what I am asking for.  
Thanks! :)
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6/11/2008 6:40:07 PM
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Don't know what your paths look like, but you could do something simple, like this:<img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/330829/1/Example_VI_BD7.png"> Message Edited by smercurio_fc on 06-11-2008  01:21 PM

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6/11/2008 6:40:08 PM
That's exactly what I needed.&nbsp; Thanks!
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6/11/2008 6:40:11 PM
I am assuming that with "different file paths", you mean different files in the same location. Is this correct?
Let's assume that all the files are in the same location.
In this case you could also just strip the path and wire the filename to the case structure.
It is somewhat better self-documenting. :)
<img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/331304/1/fileCase.PNG"> Message Edited by altenbach on 06-12-2008  12:56 PM

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6/12/2008 8:10:07 PM
Thanks but the files aren't in the same location.&nbsp; It's a good idea though.
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6/12/2008 10:40:06 PM

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i am on my labview working with 8.5but at work, we only have labview 7.0.what would be my best way to get my vi to be 7.0?thank you so muchMessage Edited by krispiekream on 06-19-2008 03:59 PM In order to go from LV 8.5 to LV 7, you will need to have LV 8.5 (save it back to 8.0), LV 8.0 (save it back to 7.1) and LV 7.1 (to save back to 7.0). If it's only a few small VI's, you can post them on the forum and ask someone to do the saves for you.&nbsp; (Best if you do the save back to 8.0 and&nbsp;post that in order&nbsp;to eliminate 1 of the 3 steps for whoever will do the rest of the conversions for you.) yeah. great.. i did all those steps.i went from 8.0 to 7.1i dont have labview 7.1 so i can't go to 7.0.can someone please help me. Code.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/333708/1/Code.zip Hey Krispiekream, &nbsp; Please try the attached to see if it works with LV7.0 &nbsp; Hopefully it does!! &nbsp; &nbsp; Copy 7.0.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/334253/1/Copy 7.0.zip thank you so much. i'll try it right now. hi there,i somewhat got it to work.but i am having this error everytime i try to save it.does anyone know how i can get rid of it?<img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/334653/1/untitled5.PNG"> Message Edited by krispiekream on 06-24-2008 06:02 PM untitled5.PNG: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/334653/1/untitled5.PNG You might want to look into <a href=&...

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Several attendees requested LabVIEW 8.5 data for the benchmarks I showed at my NI Week presentation - TS1284 - Reference Objects in LabVIEW.&nbsp; In addition, the severe performance degradation seen in Datasockets going from LabVIEW 7.1 to 8.2 was an artifact of my testing environment.&nbsp; I have fixed it and now actually see a performance improvement.&nbsp; I have updated the presentation and zipped it and the test code in the attachment below.&nbsp; I also tested in LabVIEW 8.5 with the following results, which can be compared to the presentation (same experimental setup).10,000 DBL read/write cyclesMode - Time (ms)Global - 7.6Single Process Shared Variable - 12.8Network Shared Variable - 1980Datasocket - 10700Configuration VI - 745Control Reference - 2440GOOP 1.0 - 2000LV2 Global - Semaphore - 294LV2 Global - Action Engine - 13.7Single Element Queue - 41.4Read of 1MByte BufferMode - Time (ms) Global - 0.000300 Single Process Shared Variable - 0.000309 Network Shared Variable - 0.125 Datasocket - 7.05 Configuration VI - 168.0 Control Reference - 0.000726 GOOP 1.0 - 0.00538 LV2 Global - Semaphore - 0.00295 LV2 Global - Action Engine - 0.00161 Single Element Queue - 0.000314Performance is generally worse if launched from the project rather than opening the test VI directly.&nbsp; Note that the network shared variable must be used from a project.As expected, the network shared variable is much better.&nbsp; The global is 50% faster for scalars than i...

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I started using SPC toolkit for a project in Labview 8.2.1, had no problem until I upgraded my system to labview 8.5.&nbsp; It said something like: &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Some subvis are too old to be converted to 8.5.I went to the Labview Developer suite CD album (labview 8.5), and couldn't find the SPC for LabVIEW, only for LabWindows / CVI.&nbsp; Then I went to NI's website and tried to find more about the toolkit, it seems this one had disappeared into thin air, along with the Enterprise connectivity toolkit (or Enterprice toolkit).Does anybody know if NI stopped developing / supporting the SPC toolkit? Or if NI included it into other toolkit or product?Thanks,-Joe Hi Joe, it could be that there are some vi�s from LV5. So i think if you save the vi�s which are to old to use with LV8.5 with 8.2.1&nbsp;then it should work. Mike It is included with the DSC module in 8.5. Got it!&nbsp; Thanks! -Joe Hi &nbsp; sorry for a silly question, but I tried to locate the LabVIEW DSC Module 8.5 in my Professional development environment and I cannot find it. &nbsp; Would you please tell me which disk is it on? &nbsp; thanks Pawel &nbsp; It doesn't come with the pro version. As mentioned, it comes with the DSC which is an option for the Developer Suite or you can buy it separately. Hi Dennis &nbsp; I am sorry for confusion, I have full Developer Suite, Professinal Development System, inside 11 CDs. Which one conta...

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I am running LV8.5. I am upgrading and/or converting an old legacy system. All I have is the disk with the VIs from the old system. I do not have an older version of LV installed. &nbsp; I can install all the way back to version 5.1. But I am concerned, can LV8.5 convert 5.1? The real question is what is the earliest version of LV that 8.5 will convert and will that version&nbsp;convert 4.0.1? &nbsp; I have to imagine this has been done. With all the legacy systems going obsolete. This should be a common need. &nbsp; &nbsp; Thanks for all of the responses. I have about 500+ VIs to convert. I would not be able to post them because of the nature of the projet but thanks for the suggestion. I have to imagine that someone in the office has 8.2 still floating around. I do not want to go back to 6 or 7. I will hunt for an older machine in the AM. Maybe a good job for an intern. Thanks Dave &nbsp; ...

labview 8.2 to 8.5?
I have an older version of labview (8.2) and wanted to know if i could update it to the current version without having to buy a whole new system. Are you asking if there are additional costs to upgrading from LV8.2 to LV8.5? If that is asking, the answer is yes.&nbsp; You can purchase a Standard Service Program (which is typically included for the first year), which means you automatically get upgrades. The other option is to go to this link: <a href="http://www.ni.com/labview/" target="_blank">http://www.ni.com/labview/</a>&nbsp;and select upgrade.&nbsp; You then enter your serial number and it should tell you how much to upgrade to 8.5 and/or to a more complete version of LabVIEW. A third alternative is to contact your local NI representative with whom you can discuss your LV sw / upgrade needs. Here is the link to the SSP program: <a href="http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/13351" target="_blank">http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/13351</a> R &nbsp;Message Edited by JoeLabView on 07-31-2008 09:49 PM ...

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Can someone please convert these files from Labview 5.1 to 8.5? &nbsp; Thanks, Chris lv3193e.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/303434/1/lv3193e.zip Here it is. Mike lv3193e_85.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/303436/1/lv3193e_85.zip Thanks! Chris Can someone please convert these files from 5.0.1 to 8.0 or higher? Thanks, Chris DATAQ Labview.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/324658/1/DATAQ Labview.zip Here they are as 7.1. DATAQ Labview_71.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/324674/1/DATAQ Labview_71.zip Thanks. Here they are as 8.5 DATAQ Labview_8.5.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/324877/1/DATAQ Labview_8.5.zip &nbsp;&nbsp; Can someone convert this to me, so i could use it with labview 8.5. some of those work now but some not Delta6.llb: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/328988/1/Delta6.llb Hi valttih, they are saved for 7.1 now. It should be no problem to open them it 8.5Mike Delta6.llb: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/328991/1/Delta6.llb ...

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Scilab Gateway under Labview 8.2 and 8.5
Hi Newsgroup, i am a Labview Starter and working for a longer time with Scilab. Herefore, the gateway function is a nice tool for me. When i create a VI with the Scilab Gateway, it works really perfect under Labview 8.2.1 (Jubilee Edition), but under Labview 8.5 the VI seems to be not correct. The "Run"-Arrow is displayed broken, nothing works. Funny Effect in Labview 8.5 beside: In a few cases i've seen the effect, that my VI works just one time, then never again ? Have i done mistakes while installing anything. Or are there hidden registry entries ? Best Regards Andreas Did you also install the scilab gateway&nbsp;files in the 8.5 program folder after installing LabVIEW 8.5? See <a href="http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/657" target="_blank">http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/657</a> On 30 Okt., 07:40, altenbach <x...@no.email> wrote: > Did you also install the scilab gateway&nbsp;files in the 8.5 program folder after installing LabVIEW 8.5? > See <a href="http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/657" target="_blank">http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/657</a> Hi, in both Labview Versions the Scilab Gateway is installed. I've seen on a colleagues PC a similar effect with .net-based VI: It works perfekt on LabView 8.2.1, but not on 8.5. Best Regards Andreas Yes, the examples work fine, with one ugly difference: In LabVIEW 8.5 the code (e.g. "...

Moving from Labview 8.0 -&gt;8.5
Hi there, I was developing in Labview 8.0 and things were going fine. However when I upgraded to Labview 8.5 my solution just began to behave wierdly. &nbsp; My event parameter from a&nbsp;&nbsp;C# DLL&nbsp;which is an array&nbsp;that were being passed suddenly arrive empty arrays. When I use the Labview 8.0 to recheck, the event parameter was being passed correctly with data. Thus I copied out the C# dlls and created a small portion of the solution with the event handling in a new project in Labview8.5 and behold that the event now works. &nbsp; I would like to know is there any steps that I should be doing when migrating from 8.0 -&gt; 8.5 such as changing paths or etc? I certainly do not want to recreate the entire solution in Labview 8.5 &nbsp; &nbsp; I just thought I'd chime in on this. I believe there may be some sort of bug around this. I used the import shared library function today in 8.5 to create an interface to a dll. After tweaking the inputs and output parameters as necessary, I ran a test vi. In 8.5, the dll is seeing null pointers when I am sending in pointers to fully populated arrays of singles. I saved to 8.2 and ran again without changes. It seems to work. I'm going to see if we can generate an example dll to illustrate the problem. Chris ...

Labview 5.1 to 8.5 conversion error message
Hello We have some old&nbsp; VIs made with Labview 5.1 on Windows NT 2000.&nbsp; We are trying to back up our system and want to transfer those VIs to a new laptop which has Labview 8.5 and works on Vista. As per your suggestion to someone on a similar problem, i saved the VI in Labview 6 version and then opened it using 8.5 version.&nbsp; A warning appears as follows- Please explain is this a serious warning or should i just ignore it? If it is serious, how to open my VI in 8.5 without getting this warning? &nbsp; "globals305.vi&nbsp; Front Panel&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - Function (0:V DC) uses data range coercion, which now only applies to data entry; values will not be coerced when passed to subVIs.&nbsp; To coerce passed values,&nbsp; use the In Range and Coerce function.keithley2000portopen.vi&nbsp; Front Panel&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - Serial Port (9600,7,E,2).Baud Rate [5:9600] uses data range coercion, which now only applies to data entry; values will not be coerced when passed to subVIs.&nbsp; To coerce passed values,&nbsp; use the In Range and Coerce function." In older versions of LabVIEW, when you set the non-default input limits for a numeric and an input was coerced to be within the limits, it was coerced when the input was changed from the front panel or when passed to it from a calling VI. Now, the coercion only occurs when changed on the front panel.. In your case, you can probably ignore it. I th...

How to upgrade LabView 5.1.1 project to 8.5?
I need to upgrade a LabView 5.1.1 project to LabView 8.5. Is this difficult? Can I upgrade directly from 5.1.1 to 8.5? &nbsp; Thanks, Isaac iahastin wrote: Can I upgrade directly from 5.1.1 to 8.5? No. &nbsp; See page 43 of the 8.5 upgrade notes: <a href="http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/371780c.pdf" target="_blank">http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/371780c.pdf</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; I had suspected that LV 5.1 fell by the way-side. You'll have to upgrade to an earlier version and then go to LV 8.5. There may be complications since many things have changed. Ben Thanks for all the replies. That really helps. Isaac ...

VISA issues when switching from Labview 5.0 to 8.5
Hello all &nbsp; I am using a pressure transducer that I read using RS-232. In Labview 5.0 I used the Read Serial VI and it worked with no issues (I also tested it with the VISA from 5.0 with no problems either). Now I have upgraded to 8.5 and I seem unable to communicate with it anymore. The usual error I get when i try to read is a timeout error. I ran the Troubleshooting Serial Line Monitor VI&nbsp;and it seems to work (RI blinks when the output lines are off, DCD RI and CTS blink when DTR is on, and RI DSR and CTS blink when RTS is pushed) The Basic Read and Write VI does not work however. Whenever I get bytes at port it always returns 0. I am using a USB-RS232 converter but this problem remains when I tried&nbsp;using an RS232 port&nbsp;on another computer running 8.2. &nbsp; I recently added the VISA 4.3 drivers but this did not help. &nbsp; Thanks for any ideas. &nbsp; Thomas There were some changes to the VISA serial communication from LV5 to LV8.x. Can you post your code (LV8.5) so that we can see how you have implemented it?&nbsp; R Hey Which code are you referring to? I was just using the Example VI's provided with Labview.I've attached the two I referred to earlier here. Basic Serial Write and Read2.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/340660/1/Basic Serial Write and Read2.vi Troubleshooting Serial Line Monitor2.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/340660/2/Troubleshooting Serial Line Monitor2.vi The c...

Compatability from Labview 5 to labview 7 express?
I am having a problem where I may have to write a VI on labview 5 on one computer, then move it to a second computer running labview 7 express. Are there any compatability issues I may have to deal with in doing this? there is not supposed to any compatibility issues with version 5. You would have a problem going backwards from 7 to 5 but not from going from 5 to 7.At least that is the way it is supposed to work. Joe Hello Kura, LabVIEW 7.0 will open and convert LabVIEW 5 VI=92s. There are occasionally conversion issues, just depending on what is involved in the VI (the bulk of which bein...

upgrading cRIO from Labview 7 to Labview 8
Hi again :) I have a cRIO system that is running Labview 7. It runs fine. No problems. We've upgraded to LV8 and I'm wondering if I should convert the LV7 system to LV8. The only reason I would do this is because for me LV8 is much easier to work with regarding cRIO (using DMA, setting up the project etc.). Now, if I attempt to upgrade the LV7 cRIO system, what kinds of problems will I run in to? I assume it means formatting the cRIO, installing LV8, converting the program from LV7 to LV8... &nbsp; Is there an FAQ regarding this, specifically about the cRIO? &nbsp; Thanks, Jeff...

labview 8.0 to labview 7.0
Hi, Can somebody save the below VIs in LV 8.0&nbsp;for LV 7.0, please... ?! Find Power Interrupt Time.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/335061/1/Find Power Interrupt Time.vi Remove Element(s) from Array.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/335061/2/Remove Element(s) from Array.vi Hi Partha,Here are the VIs in LV7.0.Have a nice day Find Power Interrupt Time.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/335070/1/Find Power Interrupt Time.vi Remove Element(s) from Array.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/335070/2/Remove Element(s) from Array.vi ...

converting vi 5.1.1 to labview 8.5 format
hi &nbsp; i am attaching a list of vi files that were written using labview 5.1.1. can someone convert it to labview 8.5 compatible format? it would be of great help to me. nasa_horita_vi.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/301823/1/nasa_horita_vi.zip ...

Opening VI written in labview 5.0 with version 8.5
Hi, I am new to Labview. I have&nbsp;VIs to capture the Tektronics real time scope waveforms written in Labview 5.0.&nbsp;I am&nbsp;currently using is&nbsp;evaluation version 8.5. I am getting an error that the new version does not support these old files. I just want to open these files and look at the code for reference. Can anyone suggest a way to open these files. &nbsp; &nbsp; Thanks, Chakradhar One way would be for someone to open it in a version that still supported it and is supported by LV8.5. &nbsp; For instance, if you post the VI(s) (and hopefully not too many of them), I could open and save them as LV7.x.&nbsp; Hopefully nothing gets broken to this stange and the VI could then be opened and saved to LV8.5. &nbsp; R Thanks a lot for your offfer. I have a .llb file which has a group of files and one vi files. It will be very helpfull ... Thanks in advance. WriteScopeBMP1.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/344864/1/WriteScopeBMP1.vi WriteScopeBMP1.llb: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/344864/2/WriteScopeBMP1.llb The llb cannot be converted because the VIs have no block diagrams. Find the original llb with the source code or you will have to rewrite everything from scratch. As Dennis explained, there is not much you can do...&nbsp; See images below: <img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/344956/1/notConvert1.PNG"><img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/3449...

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