compare two text files for matching data

I want to compare data in two separate spreadsheet files and store the matching data in another spreadsheet file.
1)reading data from two spread sheets
2)compare the data of fist one with second
3)writing the matched data to third one.
I am find difficulty in combining them to sort string bu string
pls help me in this 
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11/2/2006 6:10:08 PM
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You're going to need to provide more information before anybody can provide specific help, such as: - Are these actual spreadsheets, as in Excel spreadsheets, or are these text files in which the information is tab-delimited?
- What are you using to read the files?
 - Is the data 1D or 2D?
- Are you comparing numbers or strings or both?
 - What are you trying to use to compare?
- What are you using to write the result file?
The best things to do is to provide a sample of what you're doing and a detailed explanation of what you're trying to accomplish. In other words, help us to help you.
x9561 (148638)
11/2/2006 7:10:07 PM
the spread sheet are like normal excel sheets .
my basic requirement is like comparing two text documents and storing the match data in a new file.
so i started like converting a text document to an array by using 'spread sheet to array' and compare each elements of one array to another array .
but not able to do that
so i asked for help
x9561 (148638)
11/2/2006 9:10:09 PM
kindly go through this attach file
you will get an idea.

x9561 (148638)
11/2/2006 10:10:08 PM
i am implementing the following logic 
1)  textfile1--------->string to array
2)textfile 2--------->string to array
3) compare the elements (substring) of one array to other using for loop
4)append the match to an array every time you find a match betwwen two arrays
5)wriitng the result in new file
i am strugulling in with 3) i have finshed 1,2,4and 5 th part
problelms are with indexing and loop conditions for me...
anyways i am trying and feeling like i will finish and post that soon....
x9561 (148638)
11/2/2006 11:40:08 PM
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