coordinate system translation from screen coordinates to stage coordinates

I realize this is not truly a LabVIEW question, but I'm hoping for

I have a digitized image of a sample on a 3 axis stage.  The user
selects "paths" for a drill to take along the surface of the sample.
On the image, 3 reference points are identified.  The stage
posititions (x, y, and z) corresponding to these points are then

I need to now convert the coordinates of the paths to the stage
coordinate system.  Are there any LabVIEW vi's that are suited to this
need?  I have IMAQ vi's but not very experience with these yet.
Suggestions much appreciated

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5/4/2004 1:33:55 PM
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Hello Shan:

Were almost have the same problem but mine is for a AOI handler with a
robot arm which I need to pick (x,y) pairs along the work envelope.
Anyway, for the most math part it will involve are coordinate
transformation from a "mouse coordinates" to "real world coordinates"
and your image processing textbook (I use McGrawHill Computer Graphics
by Hill) will outline both the code and the math but LabVIEW will not
have a facility to do with an actual VI instead you have to use the
array manipulations and treat them coordinates as matrix elements.
There is a Math VI and G-Math VI or a MatLAB call you can use for
coordinate matrix manipulations as long as you have the math quite
figured out in paper already.
x9561 (148437)
5/5/2004 1:22:23 AM
Dr. Berns,

Thanks very much for your reply.  I was hoping that it would be a
common enough task so that LabVIEW might have something along these
lines already done.  As you say, once the math is figured out, I'm
sure I can get it implemented in LabVIEW.  It's the math that I need
help on.

I think I found the text you referenced <a
Can you confirm that this is the text you are talking about?  Thanks
for your advice.

x9561 (148437)
5/13/2004 1:48:00 AM