Error Code "1097.....this might corrupted LABVIEW's memory.........." appears after exit the labview and re-start labview

        I have a probelm when I use the "tool/import shared library(.dll)" wizard to generate the API from C.
        The API  works correctly when I complete the wizard, but after I exit labview and re-start labview to run the API again. The error 1097 code "......this might corrupted LABVIEW's memory.............."appears.
        The only solution now is to re-generate or update the wizard to generate the API.
        I try to find the answer in 
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/58596F5D41CE8EFB862562AF0074E04C?OpenDocument" target="_blank">http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/58596F5D41CE8EFB862562AF0074E04C?OpenDocument</a>&nbsp; 
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The paragraph in above article shows
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; "LabVIEW does not crash until it is closedThe most likely problem is that the DLL function being called has corrupted the memory. If you pass arrays or strings to the DLL, the DLL function cannot dynamically resize the array. Writing beyond the last element of the array or string could corrupt the memory and this may not be obvious until LabVIEW is closed."
But it doesn't match my case. Does someone have idea about this? I Attach my .h file for reference


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6/13/2008 1:10:06 AM
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wewe1215 wrote:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I have a probelm when I use the "tool/import shared library(.dll)" wizard&nbsp;to generate the&nbsp;API from C.
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The API &nbsp;works correctly when I complete the wizard, but after I exit labview and re-start labview to run&nbsp;the API&nbsp;again. The error 1097 code "......this might corrupted LABVIEW's memory.............."appears.
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The only solution now is to re-generate or update the wizard to&nbsp;generate the API.
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I try to find the answer in 
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/58596F5D41CE8EFB862562AF0074E04C?OpenDocument" target="_blank">http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/58596F5D41CE8EFB862562AF0074E04C?OpenDocument</a>&nbsp; 
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The paragraph in above article shows
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; "LabVIEW does not crash until it is closedThe most likely problem is that the DLL function being called has corrupted the memory. If you pass arrays or strings to the DLL, the DLL function cannot dynamically resize the array. Writing beyond the last element of the array or string could corrupt the memory and this may not be obvious until LabVIEW is closed."
But it doesn't match my case. Does someone have idea about this? I Attach my .h file for reference

Which of the 2 functions do you call? How?The documentation of InitSocketEx() seems to indicate reversed parameter order than what the function prototype looks like!I indeed do not see much possibilities to pass in to small a buffer that the DLL function might be overwriting past the end. This really only leaves one more possibility:Your DLL is doing something largely illegal somehow. Maybe something as silly as storing the reference to the ipAdress instead of the address itself. The memory passed as parameters into a C function is generally only valid for the duration of the call. This is especially true if you use LabVIEW since LabVIEW will re- and deallocate memory buffers frequently as soon as they are not used anymore and the parameter to a Call Library node is considered to not be required anymore after the function returns.Rolf Kalbermatter
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6/13/2008 11:10:05 AM

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I am working with the evaluation version of labVIEW as well and I have run into another error.&nbsp; I am using a MATLAB script node within a for loop and attempting to pass the for loop counter variable into the script.&nbsp; When I run the code it brings up a 1047 error and says "LabVIEW failed to send variable to the script server. Server:"" ".&nbsp; I looked up the error online which seems to have roots in a failed auto initialization of MATLAB.&nbsp; Is there something that I can do in labVIEW to fix the problem or is it strictly a MATLAB error? &nbsp; I really appreciate your help. Hi Patsenat, &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We have a knowledgebase document on our system referring to this issue.&nbsp; Try reading through <a href="http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/2B3FF46C8512C4F786256CF30071BE53?OpenDocument" target="_blank">this</a> and attempting what it says.&nbsp; If you still have problems, please post again. ...

Re: LabVIew crashed in &quot;memory.cpp&quot;
Hi, While using the pvcam library Labview crashed so many times today that i have nearly given up.. :smileysad:here's the crash log attached..if neone has any suggestions .. they are welcome...I was using the call library function...the crashed arised when i tried to pass some values by referencing...Even when the function was empty, labview was crashing which does seem odd to me.So, any views?Thanks,Yatin :smileyindifferent: lvlog07-10-08-15-36-32.txt: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/339634/1/lvlog07-10-08-15-36-32.txt PS: is the library loaded for every seperate function i call in labview or is it done only once.. Hi yatintyagi, What do you have your calling convention set to in the call library interface node?&nbsp; What kind of parameters are you passing by reference?&nbsp; What do you mean by the function was empty?&nbsp; Did you just call a library interface node with no function defined for it?Also note that this is a three year old thread, you may get more responses from the user community by posting a new thread. Hey Jeremy, Thanks for replying but the I solved the crashing problem. It was a problem with null pointers. About why it crashed when the function did nothing i am still clueless.. but since labview isnt crashing nemore , ii need nothing more.. :smileyhappy:Thanks for the time..Yatin ...

Re: &quot;File not found&quot; when starting LabVIEW
hello, i would ask about why a ni zone example code problem. i try to run on LabVIEW and it says file not found...(as attached by picture) the link on the ni zone is: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/6037#softwarethanks.zull azymresearch assistantRF department,UTHM, malaysia file not found.JPG: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/292574/1/file not found.JPG ...

Labview 8.5.1's MathScript window failed running imread with an error &quot;A problem occurred in a subVI call.&quot;
Hi, I am trying to port a Matlab program into a MathScript script.&nbsp; Following is the first few lines of the script:clear;image1=imread('C:\LV_VertAlign\DSC_0104.jpg','jpg');image_double1=im2double(image1);image_gray11=rgb2gray(image_double1);In the first line, imread is supposed to read in a photo taken from a DSLR camera, so I think it's a 32-bit image.&nbsp; And this is the error I got when trying to run this script in the Labview 8.5.1's Mathscript windows:"Error in function imread at line 2.&nbsp; A problem occurred in a subVI call."What is the problem here?&nbsp; and why does it complain about a subVI call?Thanks for any help to point me in the right direction.-Anh Hi Anh, &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We have documentation on many of the MathScript functions available in LabVIEW.&nbsp; You can look at a document <a href="http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361D-01/lvtextmath/msfunc_imread/" target="_blank">here</a> that describes how to use the imread function.&nbsp; This is searchable from ni.com by entering the function name.&nbsp; If you read this document you will see the second parameter of the function only accepts the following arguments : 'BMP', 'JPEG', 'PNG'.&nbsp; If you change your line 2 to : image1=imread('C:\LV_VertAlig...

Re: VisualBasic &quot;Show &amp; Hide&quot; equivalents in LabView
Hi, I want to show/hide the Labview Help programatically. (Just on the click on single button) How it can be done? Do i have to use event structure on Ctrl + H buttons???:smileyindifferent: Please suggest some solution. Thanks There's a help palette with a primitive called Control Help Window, which should do what you want (assuming you want the context help). <img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/336539/1/untitled5.PNG"> Message Edited by mathan on 07-01-2008 07:07 AM untitled5.PNG: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/336539/1/untitled5.PNG Hi Tst, Thanks. i know that there is a Context Help Window where you can see the help for all the functions or Labview help. i want to show/hide this window programatically. Is it possible? Thanks. Thanks Mathan, This is what i wanted. Thanks. Hi Dev, the first of those functions ("context help window") is what you need - as you can read in the context help window for that function!!!:smileyvery-happy: Yes, i got it. thanks . ...

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sorry, this the program that i take from this link, http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/5146 am_modulation.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/292575/1/am_modulation.vi ...

Adding an &quot;IMAQ Image.ctl&quot; to the &quot;Display State.ctl&quot; of an XControl prevents LabVIEW from creating a probe of &quot;Display State.ctl&quot;
I am working on an extended IMAQ Display control using LabVIEWs XControl capabilities. &nbsp; I need a copy of the original image passed to add some overlays which must not affect the original image. To achieve this I am creating a backup image in the "Init.vi" and deleting it in the "Uninit.vi". I am storing the reference&nbsp;of this image&nbsp;in the "Display State.ctl" which is part of every XControl. &nbsp; As soon as I am adding an "IMAQ Image.ctl" to the Display State cluster, it is no longer possible to generate a probe of the Display State cluster for debugging purposses. I am always getting the message: "Failed to load or create probe." Deleting the "IMAQ Image.ctl" from the cluster makes the probe working again. &nbsp; Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? &nbsp; I am working with LabVIEW 8.5 and Vision 8.5. &nbsp; Regards &nbsp; Ingo Bartsch Hello Mr. Bartsch, is it possible for you to post a small example to reproduce the behaviour? It would be helpful to get a description in which way you use the typedef files. I found a example/knowledge base where some informations were included to XControl and LV but not with Vision. <a href="http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/1DC1ADD2A136DA298625712C00635758?OpenDocument" target="_blank">http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/1DC1ADD2A136DA298625712C00635758?OpenDocument</a> Best wishes Ja...

&quot;LabVIEW load error code 3&quot; USB drive
Hi Folks, &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I'm not expecting any solution here, though it would be nice... &nbsp; Twice, recently, I've lost a top-leve VI due to the error below.&nbsp; I suspect the problem is related to working off a new USB drive - a 2G Lexar Firefly.&nbsp; For&nbsp;two or three years a Lexar Jumpdrive Elite (256M) served me flawlessly, after moving to the Firefly ~2 weeks ago, this error&nbsp;has happened twice.&nbsp; BTW,&nbsp;the Firefly is also extremely slow -&nbsp;amazingly&nbsp;slow, considering how much newer it is. &nbsp; If any wiz-kids have dissected the&nbsp;VI binary well enough to, possibly, identify/repair problems, it would be very much appreciated! &nbsp; <img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/291448/1/LoadErrorCode3.JPG"> &nbsp; Cheers!Message Edited by tbd on 12-19-2007 09:45 PM LoadErrorCode3.JPG: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/291448/1/LoadErrorCode3.JPG Hi Phillip, &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Thanks for the heads-up re:&nbsp;background-apps slowing-down drive.To be honest, I don't know how to find/disable such apps. but now know to look. Re:&nbsp;Lexar Firefly - it's&nbsp;slow by design, though there's no warning on the package when you buy it.&nbsp; Here's the response from their Customer Support: " Jumpdrive Firefly is a non-speed rated Jumpdrive and is made...

How to interface the Labview and Simulink (Matlab) without using the &quot;NI LabVIEW Simulation Interface Toolkit&quot;?
Hello, I've been using the Labview for the data aquisition. And I also developed a controller in the Simulink (Matlab) environment. I'd like to control my application using both&nbsp;programs. How&nbsp;could I&nbsp;interface the Labview and Simulink (Matlab) without using the "NI LabVIEW Simulation Interface Toolkit"? thank you, Kostya. Hi Kotsya, Thank you for posting to the National Instruments Discussion Forums. If you are not using the Math Interface Toolkit, you may be interested in using the MATLAB� Script Node. This allows you to call MATLAB� commands using ActiveX and I you can call your Simulink model from MATLAB� that way. Here are some resources on how you can do this: <a href="http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361B-01/gmath/matlab_script_node/" target="_blank">MATLAB � Script Node LabVIEW 8.2 Help</a> <a href="http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/websearch/4475BC3CEB062C9586256D750058F14B?OpenDocument" target="_blank">How Can I Resolve MATLAB� script node and Xmath Script Node Issues in LabVIEW?</a> Hope this helps! Hi, Abhinav, thank you for your reply. I will try to explore the option with the Script Node. regards, Kostya. &nbsp; &nbsp; ...

How can I convert the &quot;AI one pt&quot; symbol from LabVIEW 6.3 to LabVIEW 8.0?
Hi, &nbsp; I've got an assignment with LabVIEW and&nbsp;I work with LabVIEW 8.0. The program I work with is written in LabVIEW 6.3 and had to be converted&nbsp;to LabVIEW 8.0. That went very well, except for one symbol. The "AI one pt" symbol (see&nbsp;enclosed figure) turned into an empty box (question mark). My question to you is how can I overcome this problem, or how can I simulate this symbol with LabVIEW 8.0? &nbsp; With kind regards, &nbsp; Sander Smeets &nbsp; <img src="http://www.ese.upenn.edu/rca/software/Labview/labview41/inputoutput/AISamplechannel.gif"> Hello, Graziano is right about this. To make it completly clear: The block you refer to as a symbol is a VI belonging to the Traditional NI-DAQ driver. Currently there are two drivers for DAQ boards: DAQmx (the new one) and Traditional NI-DAQ (the old one). Since your VI was written in LabVIEW 6.x (6.3 never existed) the VI uses the old driver. What you need to do is: install Traditional NI-DAQ on your PC to get the support VI's for the driver in LabVIEW. This Traditional NI-DAQ installer&nbsp;should be on the driver CD which was delivered along with LabVIEW 8.0 or you can download it here: <a href="http://joule.ni.com/nidu/cds/view/p/id/586/lang/en" target="_blank">http://joule.ni.com/nidu/cds/view/p/id/586/lang/en</a> There is one good point though which Graziano already mentioned: Which DAQ board are you using? I...

How can I modify the &quot;Type definitions&quot; of &quot;Function Prototype&quot; if I want build a DLL in Labview 8.5.1.?
Hello,We have a library with several VIs (API - Interfaces to our Real Time Target). This VIs we provide to our customer to generate own VIs to control the Real Time Target.Now we want to provide the functionality of this VI-library as DLL to our customer. The problem is, that labview use self definite name of type definitions. Also if I use "strict Type definition".Example:void GetOutputValues(VARIANT *Scale_In, int32_t ModelNr, uint16_t SignalID[], TD1:smileymad: *errorIn, VARIANT *Scale_Out, TD2 *Data, TD1 *errorOut, int32_t len)It is possible to modify "TD1" and "TD2"? I want to give useful names.GreetingsSteffen Hi Steffen, &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Try&nbsp;editing the .h file as follows: CHANGE FROM: typedef struct {&nbsp;LVBoolean status;&nbsp;long code;&nbsp;LStrHandle source;&nbsp;} TD1; CHANGE TO: typedef struct {&nbsp;LVBoolean status;&nbsp;long code;&nbsp;LStrHandle source;&nbsp;} TD1; typedef struct {&nbsp;LVBoolean status;&nbsp;long code;&nbsp;LStrHandle source;&nbsp;} LVErrorCluster; then your GetOutputValues prototype becomes: void GetOutputValues(VARIANT *Scale_In, int32_t ModelNr, uint16_t SignalID[], LVErrorCluster *errorIn, VARIANT *Scale_Out, TD2 *Data, LVErrorCluster *errorOut, int32_t len) If your source-code doesn't refer to "TD1", then&nbsp;you probably won't need to keep the TD1 prototype! Cheers. ...

Re: &quot;Total Data Size&quot; property of running VI in LabVIEW 7.1 doesn't work any more?
Just bumped into this problem and did find the answer in this thread dating back to 2005. So, is there a way to do this with 7.1 or 7.1.1 or not? From the 2005 discussion, the resolution was that in LabVIEW 7.1 and later, you cannot read the memory used by a running VI. &nbsp; I just ran both example programs posted in 2005, and no - you still cannot read the Total Data Size of a VI when it is running.&nbsp; I ran both programs in LabVIEW 8.5.1.&nbsp; &nbsp; Kevin S. Applications Engineer National InstrumentsMessage Edited by Kevin_S on 07-11-2008 04:53 PM So, how does one debug potential memory leaks or fragmentations?We have about 2700 VIs written by four or five people, part of two or three "top-level" VIs we call over and over again, and&nbsp; a very small leak, as far as I can tell by the rate of increase in the execution time and program size/memory/handles.&nbsp; These are all part of an LV executable we call remotely through a crude TCP interface at the rate of 25k calls per month.&nbsp; We don't even have LV on that machine.There's got to be a way to find out where the problem is that doesn't imply staring at every single of those VIs.&nbsp; And divide and conquer is a bit hard at this point, given the amount of code and associated instrumentation.&nbsp; I will investigate your options and respond shortly. &nbsp; Kevin S. Applications Engineer National Instruments From what I have learned, there is ...

&quot;Invalid Drive&quot; error while installing LabVIEW
&nbsp; Installing LabVIEW 6.1 on an NT4 machine with administrator previldeges. &nbsp; Comes up with error "Error 1327 : Invalid drive H:\"&nbsp; ....Dialog Box 1 &amp; then "Error 1603 occurred while installing NI LabVIEW 6.1. Continue installing other products ?" ..... Dialog Box2 &nbsp; Same thing happens while installing RunTime Engine 6.1 &nbsp; Error messages included in attached file. &nbsp; Any insights? &nbsp; Thanks &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Invalid Drive Error While Installing LabVIEW.doc: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/...

Error -50150 &quot;Cascade Failure&quot;: LabVIEW Bug?
Hello, &nbsp; I'm new to the forums here, so I apologize in advance for breaches of etiquette or various other newbie actions. ;) &nbsp; While using the DAQmx Create Channel VI in conjuction with my own custom unit scale, I keep running into a -50150 error for various combinations of slope and y-intercept. I've pared my problem down to the attached VI. As you can see, I'm setting up the linear scale with a slope and y-intercept, and then scaling the original +/- 10V range for&nbsp;an appropriate&nbsp;maximum and minimum. Upon running this VI as-is, I get the -50150 "cascade failure" error. However, changing the y-intercept value to an arbitrarily different value, say 6, causes the program to run fine. &nbsp; I've noticed that other combinations of slope-intercept also crash the program, and that these combinations usually have a pattern. For example, the (m, b) combinations of &nbsp; (100,5); (100,20); (100,30); (100,45); (100,55); (100,70); and so on, with the 10-15-10-15 pattern repeating &nbsp; cause the program to throw -50150 as well. I have not found any values of the y-intercept that cause the program to crash that are not&nbsp;multiples of 5 (although obviously I cannot say conclusively that there are none). I realize that it is all very well for me to claim that this is a software bug and not my fault, but I cannot see any good reason for this to be happening in such an odd way. &nbsp; I am running LabVIEW...

can not save nor print &quot;getting started with labview&quot;
From the Evaluation pull- downs, it was impossible to save or print the manual. I had to go into your web site to search the same doc and then save and print that way. Are you asking for some assistance with this? R Hi Adria, &nbsp; The LabVIEW Getting Started Manual can also be found in the LabVIEW Manuals folder under your Start Menu Programs in pdf format. &nbsp; Let me know if there is anything I can help with. ...

&quot;Re-Chunking&quot; A labview waveform per iteration.
Hi, &nbsp; I've got a quick question, so say I've got a DAQ Block, that captures a signal at 300 Samples/Sec. So for every iteration of an outer while loop I get 300 Samples Per Second. Now I want to do some signal processing where, for example in a for loop inside the while loop, where I look at the samples for that second in chunks of X (we'll call it 10) samples per second. Is there some way to "Re-chunk" a waveform over iteration like this?Regards,Kenneth Miller You probably don't want to have that for loop doing its re-chunking inside your DAQ while loop.&nbsp; You could take your data out of the while loop using a queue and then re-chunk in a data processing loop.&nbsp; Or if the re-chunking is not time critical you wait until all your DAQ is done and then re-chunk from file (or array in memory).&nbsp; I dont know if that is helpful to you or not. Cheers That sounds fine, but how do I "re-chunk" it? I'd rather not convert it to a ray of scalars, because then I'd have to keep track of the DT and timestamp manually, is there no VI that works on the waveform or DDT type?Regards,Kenneth Miller Can someone please help me with this? Kenneth, You can convert the DDT to a Waveform data type.&nbsp; Then you can get the waveform components, (t0, dt, and Y).&nbsp; Depending on what signal analysis you are doing, you might not even need to do this.&nbsp; But, then you can build the waveform with the values ...

&quot;filewatcher labview&quot;
Hallo &nbsp; Hat jemand von Euch bereits einen filewatcher (ein Programm das nachsieht ob ein anderes Programm Daten in ein file schreibt, und mir dann den zugriff auf diese Daten erm�glicht.) Ich ben�tige ein sollches Programm dringend Version 7.1 bis 8.2 vorhanden. &nbsp; Vielen Dank Werner Hallo Thanks for info! To you have a ready program for checking an activity on a file. How could i give a notice for a good answer! Thanks Werner &nbsp; Thanks Gerd nice day ...

Memory is full during &quot;Save As&quot; of LabVIEW 8.5 project
Good Morning All, &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Have run into a weird issue while trying to rename a LabVIEW 8.5 project. I've got two projects that ended up having the same names (one by me, one by another engineer). I want to open both at the same time, so I figured I'd open the one and do a "save as", or a "rename". The first time it started processing, doing file loads, and then hung looking for a sub-vi, with the search address pointing to the .llb in the LV 8.5 directory where I manually located it. Once that was resolved, and the original project saved I tried again. This time it did a bunch of loading and then gave me an error box with the message:&nbsp; "LabVIEW:&nbsp; Memory is full.&nbsp; Cannot save project 'original project name.lvproj'" This isn't a big project, the machine is a new HP Compaq dual core 2.8GHz with 1.5Gb of ram, so I don't really think that it should be generating anything that big. This happens with either a "save as" or "rename". I ended up just changing the names of the .lvproj .aliases files to the one I needed and it seems to load ok, but it would be nice to understand what is happening here. &nbsp; &nbsp; This is interesting behavior, since NI actually ensured that you would now have the ability to Save As and Rename a project with the <a href="http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/371780c.pdf" target="_blank">release ...

LabVIEW crashed when openning XControl Facade, and Init VI
XControl_Fatal error.PNG: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/261642/1/XControl_Fatal error.PNG XControl_Fatal error1.PNG: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/261642/2/XControl_Fatal error1.PNG ...

LabVIEW not running when &quot;Display user message&quot; appears. Is there away around this?
Hello, I'm currently building a state machine that identifies failures in compressors.&nbsp; I've made a message box appear when it detects a compressor failure, but I?m running four test stands.&nbsp; Which means&nbsp;I&nbsp;have four test stands in one loop. &nbsp; &nbsp; When this event occurs, LabVIEW freezes and waits until the User has hit the Ok, button.&nbsp;&nbsp; I would like the program to continue to run while the text box appears or at least start back up rather quickly once it appears.&nbsp;&nbsp; Is there any way to do this, because I have no clue?&nbsp; Thank you for your help, or even at least reading this. &nbsp; Regards, &nbsp; Ryan &nbsp; Thank you for your help Dennis Ok, yeah, you are correct.&nbsp; The user does not need to do anything when a failure occurs.&nbsp; I was just doing it to prompt the user so that they know that a Failure has occurred and what to do about it.&nbsp; I guess this information will just need to be placed into the user manual. RSS FOUR state machine 4-2-07.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/239304/1/RSS FOUR state machine 4-2-07.vi 4-2-07 RSS State Machine array.ctl: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/239304/2/4-2-07 RSS State Machine array.ctl Both of these are bad options from a user interface point of view. You can use a call by reference node to open up a custom-designed window (really a vi front panel) that gives the use...

&quot;IDDCO ERROR&quot; for Labview 8.0 and Keithley 6487 picoameter
Hi all, I have a 6487 keithley picoameter and I would like to take current mesurements using labview 8.0. What I tried to do is to built a very simple vi with two instrument I/O assistants (one for configuring the picoammeter and another to take measurments as it changes voltage). I have accompliced the same thing in Visual Studio with C#. The problem is that although some times I do get correct measurements there is always one, two or three IDDCO ERROR idications which I do not know what they mean.&nbsp; I can only tell that this does not happen at the same voltage value but it seems rather random. What is wrong? I have attached the vi if anyone is interested. Thanks in advance for any helpAndreas V_bias_test.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/324015/1/V_bias_test.vi According to <a href="http://www.keithley.com/search?searchType=general&SearchableText=IDDCO" target="_blank">Keithley</a> , "This error means the instrument received an Illegal Device-dependent Command Option.". I have not used this model Keithley or DDC. One thing you should do is wire the error out of the initialize Instrument Assistant to the for loop to assure that is actually runs before the for loop. ...

error 7 in &quot;application builder&quot; for LabVIEW 8.5.1
Hello, &nbsp; I am getting an error while building a project for making EXE file. &nbsp; below is the displayed message. &nbsp; Error 7 occurred at Copy in New VILibrary.vi-&gt;AB_Dest_LLB.lvclass:Create_Destination.vi-&gt;AB_Build.lvclassLCreate_Destinations.vi -&gt;AB_Build.lvclasss:Build.vi-&gt;AB_EXE.lvclass:Build.vi-&gt;AB_Engine_BUild.vi-&gt;AB_Build_Invoke.vi-&gt;A B_Build_Invoke.vi.ProxyCaller &nbsp; ============================NI-488: Non-existent GPIB interface. C:\ProgramFile\NationalInstruments \LabVIEW8.5\vi.lib\Utility\libraryn.bin &nbsp; thanks, &nbsp; You can force LabVIEW to recompile the entire VI hierarchy in your project with CTRL+SHIFT+Run Button. Have you imported some old VI's into the project?&nbsp; From a previous version? Did you add files since creating the build parameters?&nbsp; You may want to delete the build parameters and create a new one. RayRMessage Edited by JoeLabView on 07-02-2008 08:35 AM Also, check the path of the reported missing file and make sure it really isn't missing. Thanks George...&nbsp; :) Especially if code moved around (Copy / Paste to another folder / backup, etc..) Thanks Ray and George, I was using VIs of 7.1 version for 8.5 builder. I deleted the previous build parameters and created a new one, it was sucessful. - sriveni &nbsp; Glad it worked.. :) ...

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