From Labview 7.1 help, can't load example vi's

Quick question:<br><br>When in Labview 7.1 Help, I can no longer load examp=
le vi's.  I receive a message: "An error occurred ? The NI HelpServer could=
 not be found."<br><br>A search on the NI website finds this issue listed &=
 a solution given for Labview version 7.0.  It is suggested to:<br><br>Solu=
tion: NI HelpServer is one of two services which open TCP/IP ports to commu=
nicate with other NI applications running on your computer, such as the NI =
Example Finder and the LabVIEW Help. By default, LabVIEW 7.0 will launch th=
is service at startup, however, if it has been disabled you will get this e=
rror message. In order to enable the HelpServer, navigate to C:\Program Fil=
es\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.0\resource\system and run the HelpServer.=
llb. On the front panel of the Set HelpServer Config Settings__NATIONAL INS=
TRUMENTS.vi you will see a boolean control to enable the server. Turn this =
switch on and run the VI. The LED indicator in the HelpServer.vi will turn =
on and you will be able to access the shipping examples from the NI Example=
 Finder.<br><br>One finds a HelpServer.llb / HelpServer Config Settings rou=
tine in Labview 7.1 as well, and after setting the LED green, the new error=
 message reads:<br><br>Error 63 occured while trying to open this example u=
sing the NI Example VI Finder.<br>     <br>Help!
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1/28/2005 5:41:01 PM
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