How do I use a LabView control element as ActiveX Control in another application?

I am was trying to include some simple ActiveX Controls(sliders,
buttons) in my VBScript. It worked with other ActiveX Components from
the web, however I wasn't able to include the LabView ActiveX Controls
because I was missing the necessary IDs. Moreover I was able to test
the LabView control by inserting it into the VC++- Test Container. But
I still can't find the necessary IDs...
x9561 (148441)
7/14/2004 9:40:09 AM
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I don't believe that any of the LabVIEW controls (except for 3D
Graphs) are ActiveX controls so I'm not sure what control you were
able to insert into the VC++ container. What's the exact name of the
control? NI does have ActiveX controls that are part of Measurment
Studio so maybe it's one of those that you're using?
x9561 (148441)
7/14/2004 2:01:06 PM