How do you read old Macintosh LabView files in LabView 6.1 for the PC?

I have a LabView application written for a version of LabView that ran
a Macintosh IIci that is no longer in operation.  This Labview
application is approximately 5 years
We have LabView 6.1 for the PC.  Is there some way to read the old
Macintosh LabView files in LabView 6.1 for the PC?  How would you
recommend getting the files from the Macintosh platform to the PC?
x9561 (148440)
9/15/2004 2:23:05 PM
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LabVIEW has been cross platform since version 3 (partially in version
2.2 and 2.5).  LV 6.1 was not around 5 years ago, so the Mac
application is probably in an older version.  Generally a 1 or 2
version update just requires recompiling.  If your original program is
in version 3 it might be more involved.

Try recompiling the program first.  If that works you are done.  If
not, then you may need to do an intermediate upgrade.  LV 3 -> LV 4 ->
LV 5 -> LV6.

As for moving the files, try writing them onto a PC formatted floppy
or ZIP disk from the Mac.  The PC should then be able to read them.
The Mac can read and write PC formatted disks but the PC cannot read
Mac foramtted disks.

I have old versions of LV for Mac so I may be able to help if you need
an intermediate upgrade.

x9561 (148440)
9/15/2004 3:53:15 PM
About a month ago I had posted the question of how to read an old
Macintosh Labview file on a newer PC that has Labview 6.1.  I didn't
have the file at the time.  Now that I have the file and it's on the
computer(the PC), I can not seem to get it to run.  Is it possible for
someone to tell me specically how to recompile the file and/or send me
intermediate versions of Labview which would allow me to open this
file.  Thanks.
x9561 (148440)
10/19/2004 8:12:18 PM
Not running and not opening are two different things. For details on
the conversion kit, see the discussion <A
If it doesn't run correctly, you need to provide some more details on
what the exact problem is or even post the VI.
x9561 (148440)
10/19/2004 8:33:03 PM