How to upgrade LabView 5.1.1 project to 8.5?

I need to upgrade a LabView 5.1.1 project to LabView 8.5. Is this difficult? Can I upgrade directly from 5.1.1 to 8.5?
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11/1/2007 7:10:06 PM
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iahastin wrote:
Can I upgrade directly from 5.1.1 to 8.5?

See page 43 of the 8.5 upgrade notes: <a href="http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/371780c.pdf" target="_blank">http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/371780c.pdf</a> 
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11/1/2007 7:10:08 PM
I had suspected that LV 5.1 fell by the way-side.
You'll have to upgrade to an earlier version and then go to LV 8.5.
There may be complications since many things have changed.
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11/1/2007 7:10:09 PM
Thanks for all the replies. That really helps.
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11/1/2007 8:40:09 PM

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Problem upgrading a Labview Project from 8.0 to 8.5.1
Hi, &nbsp; I have two laptops - Laptop 1 has Labview 8.0 on it, and Laptop 2 has Labview 7.1.1 installed.&nbsp; I've just upgraded Laptop 2 to Labview 8.5.1 and copied all of my Labview 8.0 files over from Laptop 1.&nbsp; I did a mass compile on Laptop 2 and all the vi's work great.&nbsp; I've opened up a Project that I copied over from LV 8.0 and it looks like the Installers are ok.&nbsp; However, when I open the Properties on any of my Applications (EXEs) all of the Information is blank.&nbsp; When I type in the "Build specification name" and use the same name as the one I opened, it tells me that that name already exists. &nbsp; Does anyone know why my Application is blank?&nbsp; Thanks. &nbsp; Steve &nbsp; Hi Steve, Does the .exe file that has blank properties function correctly otherwise, and was that .exe one of the files that you mass compiled? Could you zip and post your project so that I can try to reproduce the problem? That way we can see if the problem is in your system, or with the .exe itself. Also, do you want to change the properties of the .exe? If so, what changes do you want to make? Regards, Stephen S. Thanks for the reply.&nbsp; Over the weekend I re-copied my Project from Laptop 1 to Laptop 2 and it was ok - I was able to build the EXE without a single problem. Steve ...

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hi &nbsp; i am attaching a list of vi files that were written using labview 5.1.1. can someone convert it to labview 8.5 compatible format? it would be of great help to me. nasa_horita_vi.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/301823/1/nasa_horita_vi.zip ...

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Unable to install LV Runtime Engine 7.1.1 with LabVIEW Professional 8.5.1
I installed&nbsp;LabVIEW Professional Sys. for Windows (XP) 8.5 and then the 8.5.1 update. Somewhere in the original installation, LV Run-time Engine 7.1 was installed. But I need LV RTE 7.1.1. So I attempted to install RTE 7.1.1. Problem: The LV RTE installer aborts with the following message: &nbsp; "Installation aborted. Newer version already installed."&nbsp; &nbsp; Why do I need 7.1.1? I must run some commercial LV executables that were compiled with LV 7.1.1 and will not run under 7.1. :smileysad: You may have to uninstall RTE 8.5.1 to proceed with the 7.1.1 install and then reinstall RTE 8.5.1. &nbsp; I hope this helps! Well, I have to correct myself. MAX indicated that LV RTE 7.1 (not 7.1.1) was installed. My complied LV app indicated that 7.1.1 was not installed. I checked Windows Add New Programs and selected "National Instruments Software" I found that LV RTE 7.1.1 was, in fact, installed. So&nbsp;I selected LabVIEW Runtime Engine 7.1.1 and clicked Repair. After rebooting, My app works correctly. Again, MAX incorrectly displays LV RTE 7.1 (not 7.1.1). My app works, so&nbsp;I don't care. :smileyhappy: ...

Windows 2000 requirements for LabVIEW 8.5.1 &amp; DAQmx 8.7.1
Greetings, I've been looking around for a detailed set of requirements for LabVIEW 8.5.1 and DAQmx 8.7.1 for the Windows 2000 platform.&nbsp; So far I know I'll need Service Pack 4 and probably Explorer 6 and .Net 2&nbsp;&nbsp; But I can't find confirmation on the last two things, and I'm not sure if there are any more.&nbsp; Does anyone have a link to this information on&nbsp; ni.com?&nbsp; Thanks.&nbsp; The system requirements for LabVIEW and win2k are in the release notes. If you have 8.5, then the release notes are installed in the manuals folder. I have 8.5 and for win2K, it says the minimum is service pack 3, IE5 (IE5.5/service pack 2 for remote panels), and .NET 1.1 service pack 1. In the NI-DAQ folder (\Program Files\National Instruments), you should have a readme.html file that lists the system requirements. Both of these files should be available at <a href="http://www.ni.com/support/" target="_blank">http://www.ni.com/support/</a> Thanks for the reply Denis, I'd found both of those previously actually.&nbsp; But I wasn't sure they were "complete".&nbsp; I can't say 100%,&nbsp; But I'm pretty sure I had to install .Net 2 on a system once before for DAQmx.&nbsp; (Or maybe there was a warning...or something)&nbsp; Just thought I'd try and find out as much as I could before I go and do a remote upgrade where I won't have any Internet a...

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I have been working with Labview 6.1 but I need to execute my VIs in Labview 5.1 too. What can I do to reuse all the VIs without having to develop them again in Labview 5.1? I am not able to save my VIs as 5.1 from Labview 6.1 It only allows me to save them as Labview 6.0 Thank you! Assuming they can be converted, and there's not too many, you might want to try posting them here for someone to convert. (convert to 6.0 first and zip) Not too elegant but may get you out of a bind. Hello, Yes, each new version of LabVIEW only carries the capability to save for one version previous. So, you would need to save the 6.1 VIs for vesion 6.0, and then from LabVIEW 6.0 save for 5.1. If there aren't too many VIs, one of our engineers here would most likely have no problem with making the conversion for you. You could email NI with them to make it more private, if you'd like, rather than posting them on the site. (To create an email request, go to www.ni.com/ask). Hope this helps! Liz Fausak National Instruments ...

Labview 5.1 to 8.5 conversion error message
Hello We have some old&nbsp; VIs made with Labview 5.1 on Windows NT 2000.&nbsp; We are trying to back up our system and want to transfer those VIs to a new laptop which has Labview 8.5 and works on Vista. As per your suggestion to someone on a similar problem, i saved the VI in Labview 6 version and then opened it using 8.5 version.&nbsp; A warning appears as follows- Please explain is this a serious warning or should i just ignore it? If it is serious, how to open my VI in 8.5 without getting this warning? &nbsp; "globals305.vi&nbsp; Front Panel&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - Function (0:V DC) uses data range coercion, which now only applies to data entry; values will not be coerced when passed to subVIs.&nbsp; To coerce passed values,&nbsp; use the In Range and Coerce function.keithley2000portopen.vi&nbsp; Front Panel&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - Serial Port (9600,7,E,2).Baud Rate [5:9600] uses data range coercion, which now only applies to data entry; values will not be coerced when passed to subVIs.&nbsp; To coerce passed values,&nbsp; use the In Range and Coerce function." In older versions of LabVIEW, when you set the non-default input limits for a numeric and an input was coerced to be within the limits, it was coerced when the input was changed from the front panel or when passed to it from a calling VI. Now, the coercion only occurs when changed on the front panel.. In your case, you can probably ignore it. I th...

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Eventually.....I got a way of starting a new thread to ask for codes conversion. Whoo hoo....:smileyvery-happy:There are some codes developed in LV5.1. In order to open them in LV8.5, I got to have them converted. Attached is a zip file including 6 files.Again, I really appreciate anybody could help me out!Thanks,Jiwei MPX.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/339255/1/MPX.zip Hi Jiwei, now they are saved for LabVIEW 7.1Mike MPX_LV71.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/339260/1/MPX_LV71.zip Thanks a bunch!! Jiwei Hi Mike, Can you convert these two files for me?Thanks again,Jiwei MPX_2.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/339350/1/MPX_2.zip Hi Jiwei, here we go. :smileyhappy: Mike MPX_2_LV61.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/339411/1/MPX_2_LV61.zip Thanks, Mike!! Jiwei &nbsp;&nbsp; Good afternoon,I have installed Labview 8.5 on my computer, it does not allow me to open source code made in LabVIEW versions 5.1.1 and 4.0.2, the error message that appears when I try to open the source code is: version 5.1.1 (4.0.2) is too old to open in 8.5.&nbsp; Please, is there someone who can help me? May I compile the source code in some way...<img src="../../i/smilies/16x16_smiley-sad.gif" border="0" height="16" width="16"> ?&nbsp; Mike, could you help me if I send you the source code?&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Many thanks in advance. I am sorry to tell you that yo...

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LabVIEW 8.5.1 project file cannot be opened by other users.
In LabVIEW 8.5.1 I created a project file, but other users with admin rights can not open it.&nbsp; How do I fix this? Hi Boeing,What operating system are you using?&nbsp; If you are using Vista, check out the following links.&nbsp; They have some good information on using multiple user accounts.<a href="http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/E06C1800F5AFCCBF86257236006C9F2A?OpenDocument" target="_blank">User Account Control</a> <a href="http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/websearch/DE5EA24C0036DA3686257236006CECA7?OpenDocument" target="_blank">External Links for Windows Vista Support</a> If you are using XP, check out the following page to ensure that file permissions are set correctly.<a href="http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/networking/security/permissions.mspx" target="_blank">Windows XP: Set permissions for folders and files</a> What exactly happens when they try to open it? Error messages? Mike... I am using Windows XP, Service Pack 2 on a PXI chassis purchased from NI.&nbsp; The error message displayed when another user (with admin rights) tries to open the project is "Project or Library file cannot be opened".&nbsp; Normally in Windows XP, when a directory is right-clicked, there are four tabs, General, Sharing, Security and Customize.&nbsp; For some reason, the Security tab is missing on this computer. Hey Boeing,I would take a l...

Would a LabVIEW 8.5 Executable play nice with LabVIEW 7.1 Development on the Same System?
Our testing computer right now just has the user&nbsp;run the corresponding .vi file since we have LabVIEW 7.1 installed on the computer. &nbsp; If I use 8.5 to compile this .vi to an executable, I realize that I must install the run-time support for 8.5.&nbsp; My question is what effect will installing the 8.5 run-time have on the ability to continue to run the other 7.1 VIs with LabVIEW 7.1.&nbsp; &nbsp; Should I be concerned with losing MAX settings when installing the run-time support for 8.5? I want to be able to run 8.5 executables but also able to open up a 7.1 .vi file in LabVIEW 7.1 and run it that way also. &nbsp; Thanks for your help! I have 8.5 on my system and the idea is to slowly replace the running of the .vi files with .exe files, I was just curious in case my .exe doesn't work I can still run the tests with .vi in the mean time. &nbsp; Thanks for your help folks! &nbsp; ...

Converting Labview Test Executive 5.1 to work with LV7.1.1
Hi, &nbsp; I have a test that I wrote many years ago using Labview 5.1 and the Labview test executive 5.1 that I would like to modify. I would very much like to move this code to my current version of Labview which is 7.1.1.&nbsp; When I try to mass compile the Test Exec llb's, I get many errors indicating that some of the vi's have no block diagram, so they cannot be upgraded. Has anyone found a way to do this?&nbsp; &nbsp; Thanks in advance, &nbsp; Howard Spec CMC Electronics Canada Have you tried extracting the library as they were in LV5.1 and placing them into a folder.&nbsp; The open LV7.1.1 and go to that folder, and select it when doing a Mass Compile from LV7.1.1? &nbsp; R Are you trying to convert the Test Exec itself? It has been a long time since I've used that but I'm not sure if that is possible. I think the test exec itself was a product that you needed to get upgrades to. If the VIs without block diagrams are part of the test exec, I don't know what you can do since the test exec has been obsolete for quite&nbsp;a while and may never have gotten an upgrade to 7.1. I was about to say... The Test Executive was TestStand's predecessor, was it not?&nbsp; Written in CVI...&nbsp; The last version I'm aware of is 2.1, not 5.1.. Unless you're talking about a home-made Test Executive written in LV5.1? Or... was there a Labview version of the TestExecutive? R There was both a CVI and LabVIEW ve...

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I am using CodeWarrior with Version 5.1.1 build 1108 to create a bundle initially. My application can call the bundle successfully. Now, I downloaded CodeWarrior Version 5.8 build 1919 to compile my old program. After I compile my old project and create a new bundle, my application fail to call the bundle. Is that any change need in my setting so that my new bundle will work? Felix Check Info.plist for key: CFBundleIdentifier. Check path to pluginfolder. Depands on how you find your bundle. Chris felix wrote: > I am using CodeWarrior with Version 5.1.1 build 1108 to c...

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Hello! I sucessfully embedded perl 5.6.1 into my application. Lately I tried to compile my application against perl 5.8.1. It does not want to work. In documentation I've found that I shall use PERL_SYS_INIT macro before perl_alloc. I did it. Then, I discovered that most of macros use 'my_perl' as name of PerlInterpreter (I guess that it is the name of PerlInterpreter), though documentation does not mention that I must use that name. Now everything compiles. But it crashes very quickly with SIGSEGV. Anything else that I shall change? Or shall know? TIA Andrei ...

Tk804.025 and Perl 5.8.1-RC4 (was Tk800.024 and Perl 5.8.1-RC4)
On Monday, September 8, 2003, at 07:52 PM, Steve Lidie wrote: > Path: > Lehigh.EDU!newsread.com!newsstand.newsread.com!kibo.news.demon.net!demo > n!diablo.theplanet.net!newsfeed.icl.net!newsfeed.fjserv.net!newshosting > .com!news- > xfer1.atl.newshosting.com!uunet!dca.uu.net!ash.uu.net!netnews.proxy.luc > ent.com!news > From: "Tulan W. Hu" <twhu@lucent.com> > Newsgroups: comp.lang.perl.tk,comp.lang.perl.misc > Subject: Tk800.024 and Perl 5.8.1-RC4 > Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 16:21:33 -0400 > Organization: Lucent Technologies &g...

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how cani conver the labview 8.5 vi into 8.0.1
hi plese help me &nbsp; You have to save from 8.5 to 8.2 and then from 8.2 to 8.0 with "Save for previous" option. &nbsp; ChristianMessage Edited by Christian_M on 01-05-2008 06:37 AM ...

Activate labview 8.5 with version 8.2.1 installed
I have a system with labview version 8.2.1 installed. Now we have got a new version, 8.5 witch I have also installed, with the same serial code. When I want to work with version 8.5 it asks to activate, but version 8.2.1 works the way it used to be. Did I instal it wrong? Upgrade insted of a new installation? Or should I unistal version 8.2.1 before installing version 8.5? As Matthew mentioned, all versions need to be activated. &nbsp; There is no reason to uninstall a previous version, you should actually keep it around in case you run into some upgrade issues. &nbsp; Your start menu should have a link to the NI license manager. It will tell you exactly what you have installed and even lets you activate what needs to be activated. :) &nbsp; <img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/280119/1/LicenseManager.png"> Message Edited by altenbach on 10-24-2007 11:48 AM LicenseManager.png: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/280119/1/LicenseManager.png ...

5.6.1 vs 5.8.1 behavior difference
I'm getting different behavior for a construct under perl 5.6.1 versus 5.8.1. I'm curious to know: - what the "right" behavior is; i.e., which should I depend on for future perl releases (or should I not depend at all) - why the behavior changed - what's a good place to find this? I tried looking in the Changes5.8 file and cross-referencing against the perl5.changes list, but couldn't find a relevant entry. SCRIPT: print 'sorted: ' . join(' ', sort(foo())) . "\n"; sub foo { return ('bar', 'baz', 'bl...

SubVI inputs and outputs in Labview 5.1.1
I have a SubVI that is used inside a while loop in the calling VI and there is a cluster outside the while loop and shift registers&nbsp;that retain the prior state of the cluster.&nbsp; This cluster outside the while loop&nbsp;is an input to the SubVI and contains the ON/OFF state of my heating and cooling appliances.&nbsp; How do you know what input to the SubVI&nbsp;corresponds to&nbsp;what local variable in the SubVI code?&nbsp;&nbsp;Why do you&nbsp;need that cluster outside the while loop?&nbsp;In the SubVI I am replacing the state of the heating and cooling appliances in a local cluster and outputting the new cluster back to the calling VI. &nbsp; &nbsp; That makes&nbsp;little sense. Why are there local variables in the subVI and why do you care. The external cluster is how you pass data to a subVI through the connector pane and the subVI has&nbsp;front panel terminals for this.&nbsp;&nbsp;And I would assume that it is outside the while to initialize the shift register to some know value before you start. Did someone else write the VI and subVI? If the cluster is not initializing the shift register, you really need to post an image of the code or the VI itself. Hi BME genuis, why do you need local variables. Local variables belong to a control. You can search for this control, with right click on the local variable and select -&gt; search for terminal. Can you show your code? Mike Ok, I don't thi...

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