I have some question on "Use LabVIEW to Control two DSP and RTDX"

I have some question when writing LabVIEW. I have DSP6711 and DSP6416, I use RTDX to send data to LabVIEW. 
I write three programes for LabVIEW, one is RTDX for DSP6711, another is RTDX for DSP6416, and the final is RTDX for two DSPs.
The program of LabVIEW is workable when doing DSP6711 or doing DSP6416. But there is some problem when running DSP6711 and DSP6416 on LabVIEW at the same time.
How to tell the LabVIEW's tool of " RTDX read" to  get the datas from different DSP
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3/29/2007 1:10:10 PM
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