Keithley 617 lag in Labview VI's reading of data + repeats same data every 100 pnts

Please help.

Ive been struggling with this for months now, before i found this site. 
No one in this studpi dept is able to help me.

I have the VI's, if you want to see them, i can email them.

I have the Keithley 617 reading data from a photomultiplier tube (PMT) and
it is interfaced with a GPIB card to a 500 mhz pentium computer with
Labview on it.

I modified the two VI's given to me (one spits data in an array with up to
100 points per cycle and one reads data one by one, up to 14 bytes).  My
coding modifications is good i think, as people here who know more about
Labview than i do, told me so.  No one can figure out why i get about 11
seconds lag between realtime events and what Labview records for me.

Also, if i make the program read more than 100 seconds it stops reading
new data after 100 points and repeats the first 100 point idnefinitely.  I
know that this particular electrometer has a 100 pnt buffer, but i cant
figure out how this ties in and how to fix it.

Please if you have exoperience in this area or you hit this wall before
let me know what to do.

Thank you in advance,

h2sammo (2)
1/28/2005 2:11:54 PM
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