labview 8.5 to labview 7.0

i am on my labview working with 8.5but at work, we only have labview 7.0.what would be my best way to get my vi to be 7.0?thank you so muchMessage Edited by krispiekream on 06-19-2008  03:59 PM
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6/19/2008 9:10:06 PM
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In order to go from LV 8.5 to LV 7, you will need to have LV 8.5 (save it back to 8.0), LV 8.0 (save it back to 7.1) and LV 7.1 (to save back to 7.0).
If it's only a few small VI's, you can post them on the forum and ask someone to do the saves for you.  (Best if you do the save back to 8.0 and post that in order to eliminate 1 of the 3 steps for whoever will do the rest of the conversions for you.)
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6/20/2008 1:40:05 AM
yeah. great.. i did all those steps.i went from 8.0 to 7.1i dont have labview 7.1 so i can't go to 7.0.can someone please help me.

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6/20/2008 6:40:07 PM
Hey Krispiekream,
Please try the attached to see if it works with LV7.0
Hopefully it does!!

Copy 7.0.zip:
http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/334253/1/Copy 7.0.zip
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6/23/2008 10:10:07 PM
thank you so much.  i'll try it right now.
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6/23/2008 10:40:04 PM
hi there,i somewhat got it to work.but i am having this error everytime i try to save it.does anyone know how i can get rid of it?<img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/334653/1/untitled5.PNG"> Message Edited by krispiekream on 06-24-2008  06:02 PM

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6/24/2008 11:10:05 PM
You might want to look into <a href="http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/AFA28DCC3DE89839862566B200594E8C?OpenDocument" target="_blank">What Does an "Insane Object" Error Mean and What Should I Do</a>? 
Hopefully this helps!!
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6/25/2008 2:10:05 AM
Can somebody save the below VIs in LV 8.0&nbsp;for LV 7.0/7.1, please... ?! :smileyhappy:

Find Power Interrupt Time.vi:
http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/334707/1/Find Power Interrupt Time.vi

Remove Element(s) from Array.vi:
http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/334707/2/Remove Element(s) from Array.vi
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6/25/2008 7:40:05 AM
It is very urgent. Can somebody please do it asap... ?
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6/25/2008 8:40:06 AM
In the attached VIs in my prev post, what I m trying to do is, find the 0 in the 0th column of the 2D str array (Citadel), at which index, the value in the 1st column of that array should be equal to its prev index's value.
When the above conditions are True, the corresponding index's value in the 1D Timestamps array will give me the correct timestamp of the instance of Power Interrupt Time.
Again, I ve to repeat this process to find out all the Timestamps of Power Interruption.
Now, I also have to find out the Time of Power Recovery, which is the exact reverse process of this.
I ve to search the 0th column of the Citadel 2D array after a series of 0s &amp; take the first non-zero value's index&nbsp;after every series of 0s, &amp; index the corresponding value in the Timestamp 1D array to get the Power Recovery Time.
I ve done the first part &amp; terribly stuck up in&nbsp; the latter part of the logic in finding out the Power Recovery Time. :smileysad:
Can somebody help me in bailing out of this situation?
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6/25/2008 9:10:06 AM

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Hi, Can somebody save the below VIs in LV 8.0&nbsp;for LV 7.0, please... ?! Find Power Interrupt Time.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/335061/1/Find Power Interrupt Time.vi Remove Element(s) from Array.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/335061/2/Remove Element(s) from Array.vi Hi Partha,Here are the VIs in LV7.0.Have a nice day Find Power Interrupt Time.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/335070/1/Find Power Interrupt Time.vi Remove Element(s) from Array.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/335070/2/Remove Element(s) from Array.vi ...

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On the PC I have delete labview 8.2, but I dont find the CD for reinstall. I have a .llb file made with labview 8.2, Can i run it with labview 8.5 or download labview 8.2, I muss install ii rapidelly. &nbsp; tks Costello, you can update the VIs within the LLB to LV 8.5 if they do not have their blockdiagram removed.....hope this helps,Norbert How can I update ? When I start the .vi in the lbb he dont found somme .vi located in DAQmx (wrtie.lbb, start task.lbb,...) How can i install this lbb? thks Costello, if you get loading errors when opening one VI from the LLB like you the ones you get, you have missing components.Since you spoke of DAQmx, i asume that you didn't install NI DAQmx on your machine. You should catch that up.hope this helps,Norbert ...

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Hi I am using LabVIEW 8.2.I found one ook modulation example project(http://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-1394),it was developed in Labview 8.5.I have to oepn this one in My system mean in Labview 8.2.Please tell procedure.Is it possible or not.?Thnaking you sir. It is not possible directly. Somebody with access to version 8.5 needs to save it for version 8.2. Could you attach that particular vi in your post so that somebody can save it for 8.2 Thanks, Mathan Or you can install Labview 8.5 demo. Works for 30 days.... Hi Mathan,Thanks for your reply.i need OOK Modulation (FPGA).VI and OOK Modulation (HOST).VI in version 8.2Here i am attaching this two vi please save it in version 8.2 and send to me.Thanking you Sreenivasulu.O OOK Modulation.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/324620/1/OOK Modulation.zip Hi Sreenivasulu.O, i�m not sure if they are enough, but here they are. :smileyhappy: Mike OOK Modulation (FPGA).vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/324624/1/OOK Modulation (FPGA).vi OOK Modulation (HOST).vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/324624/2/OOK Modulation (HOST).vi Hi Mike,i got error like this.Here i am attaching two error image what i got.please check nad correct me.One more "OOK_Pack Bits for transmission.VI"&nbsp; and "OOK_Configuration IF RIO for Transmission.VI" was not found.Thanking you sirSreenivasulu.O ook_error1.JPG: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/327671/1/ook_error1.JPG ook_error2...

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Hello,I was working on a project at home with labview 8.21, I nearly finished this project but I addes some stuff at school where they have labview 8.5.Today I wanted to open the labview file on my computer, but It gave an error: labview load error 9: Vi version 8.5 is newer then&nbsp;labVIEW version 8.2.1.Is there any way I can open the file on my computer?Or can I save the file at school als a 8.2.1 file? thnx in advance,Seppe Hi Seppe, just save it in school using "Save to previous" from the file menu... You'll have to reopen the file on a computer with LV 8.5.&nbsp; From there you can do a Save as Previous Version to save back to LV 8.2.1 Hi Seppe, if you have LabView 8.5 you can save your vi for previous verions (8.2.1 and 8.0)Mike ok, thnx for all the correct answers ! ...

Would a LabVIEW 8.5 Executable play nice with LabVIEW 7.1 Development on the Same System?
Our testing computer right now just has the user&nbsp;run the corresponding .vi file since we have LabVIEW 7.1 installed on the computer. &nbsp; If I use 8.5 to compile this .vi to an executable, I realize that I must install the run-time support for 8.5.&nbsp; My question is what effect will installing the 8.5 run-time have on the ability to continue to run the other 7.1 VIs with LabVIEW 7.1.&nbsp; &nbsp; Should I be concerned with losing MAX settings when installing the run-time support for 8.5? I want to be able to run 8.5 executables but also able to open up a 7.1 .vi file in LabVIEW 7.1 and run it that way also. &nbsp; Thanks for your help! I have 8.5 on my system and the idea is to slowly replace the running of the .vi files with .exe files, I was just curious in case my .exe doesn't work I can still run the tests with .vi in the mean time. &nbsp; Thanks for your help folks! &nbsp; ...

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I am running LV8.5. I am upgrading and/or converting an old legacy system. All I have is the disk with the VIs from the old system. I do not have an older version of LV installed. &nbsp; I can install all the way back to version 5.1. But I am concerned, can LV8.5 convert 5.1? The real question is what is the earliest version of LV that 8.5 will convert and will that version&nbsp;convert 4.0.1? &nbsp; I have to imagine this has been done. With all the legacy systems going obsolete. This should be a common need. &nbsp; &nbsp; Thanks for all of the responses. I have about 500+ VIs to convert. I would not be able to post them because of the nature of the projet but thanks for the suggestion. I have to imagine that someone in the office has 8.2 still floating around. I do not want to go back to 6 or 7. I will hunt for an older machine in the AM. Maybe a good job for an intern. Thanks Dave &nbsp; ...

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Hi again :) I have a cRIO system that is running Labview 7. It runs fine. No problems. We've upgraded to LV8 and I'm wondering if I should convert the LV7 system to LV8. The only reason I would do this is because for me LV8 is much easier to work with regarding cRIO (using DMA, setting up the project etc.). Now, if I attempt to upgrade the LV7 cRIO system, what kinds of problems will I run in to? I assume it means formatting the cRIO, installing LV8, converting the program from LV7 to LV8... &nbsp; Is there an FAQ regarding this, specifically about the cRIO? &nbsp; Thanks, Jeff...

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I am having a problem where I may have to write a VI on labview 5 on one computer, then move it to a second computer running labview 7 express. Are there any compatability issues I may have to deal with in doing this? there is not supposed to any compatibility issues with version 5. You would have a problem going backwards from 7 to 5 but not from going from 5 to 7.At least that is the way it is supposed to work. Joe Hello Kura, LabVIEW 7.0 will open and convert LabVIEW 5 VI=92s. There are occasionally conversion issues, just depending on what is involved in the VI (the bulk of which bein...

LabVIEW 8.0 changed a constant that was wired to a Case structure to a hidden control to maintain compatibility with LabVIEW 7.1 and earlier.
Y am i getting this msg? Hi, muks, This happened because "...LabVIEW does not compile code on the block diagram that does not execute. For example, LabVIEW does not compile any code that exists within the inactive subdiagrams of the Conditional Disable structure. In addition, LabVIEW does not compile code within a Case structure that has a constant wired to it that would not execute the case with the code..."In the other words, if you have case structure, which is wired to T/F constant, then prior to version 8.x both cases will be compiled. From version 8.x the only "executed" case will be compiled. So, LabVIEW replaces constant with control for ensure that both cases will be compiled as before. refer to <a href="http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361A-01/lvupgrade/labview_8_0_features/" target="_blank">this document</a> best regards,Andrey. Got it andrey thanx ...

Labview 6.0 x LabView 7.0 list of enhancements or new features
Hi, Have u a 1 page document with the main enhancements or new features, that we can base our decision to upgrade (or not) to version 7.0 ? LV 7 FAQS: http://www.ni.com/support/labview/lv7faq.htm ...

ALL 8.0 LABVIEWers!! Convert 8.0 VIs to 7.1
Hi there. &nbsp; This is another "Can somebody help me cause I'm desperate?" kind of post. I am using the brand new 8.2.1 version and I have to submit the prog by the 8th of January. After using 'Save for previous version' I have only managed to&nbsp;"degrade" it to 8.0 &nbsp; Thus - Could somebody convert the attached zipped VIs to version 7.1 or any other that would work with Labview 7 ? &nbsp; I have not used any new modules/functions e.g. instead of using the new x^2 (squared) triangle I have used the old 'to the power of x' function with a two etc. &nbsp;The sigma.vi is the key one - if u dont manage to convert all of them just pack the converted ones, preferably checked. &nbsp; Thanks a whole lot! &nbsp; M sigma Folder.zip: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/222639/1/sigma Folder.zip I have suffered this recently where I opened a 7.1 project in 8.2 went to a client site with the code and could not do anything since I only have 7.1 and 8.2 on the PC I am working on.&nbsp; Very frustrating.&nbsp; I can help you possibly later when I get my laptop back in the office with 8.0.&nbsp; NI is not considering us who have subscriptions but skipped 8.0 but use 8.2 and 7.1 extensively. NI should automate a server with a FTP that can take a project in any version and batch process it and down grade to previous version online.&nbsp; Could be very useful, especially for this discussion forum w...

Reference Objects in LabVIEW
Several attendees requested LabVIEW 8.5 data for the benchmarks I showed at my NI Week presentation - TS1284 - Reference Objects in LabVIEW.&nbsp; In addition, the severe performance degradation seen in Datasockets going from LabVIEW 7.1 to 8.2 was an artifact of my testing environment.&nbsp; I have fixed it and now actually see a performance improvement.&nbsp; I have updated the presentation and zipped it and the test code in the attachment below.&nbsp; I also tested in LabVIEW 8.5 with the following results, which can be compared to the presentation (same experimental setup).10,000 DBL read/write cyclesMode - Time (ms)Global - 7.6Single Process Shared Variable - 12.8Network Shared Variable - 1980Datasocket - 10700Configuration VI - 745Control Reference - 2440GOOP 1.0 - 2000LV2 Global - Semaphore - 294LV2 Global - Action Engine - 13.7Single Element Queue - 41.4Read of 1MByte BufferMode - Time (ms) Global - 0.000300 Single Process Shared Variable - 0.000309 Network Shared Variable - 0.125 Datasocket - 7.05 Configuration VI - 168.0 Control Reference - 0.000726 GOOP 1.0 - 0.00538 LV2 Global - Semaphore - 0.00295 LV2 Global - Action Engine - 0.00161 Single Element Queue - 0.000314Performance is generally worse if launched from the project rather than opening the test VI directly.&nbsp; Note that the network shared variable must be used from a project.As expected, the network shared variable is much better.&nbsp; The global is 50% faster for scalars than i...

SPC Toolkit for LabVIEW
I started using SPC toolkit for a project in Labview 8.2.1, had no problem until I upgraded my system to labview 8.5.&nbsp; It said something like: &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Some subvis are too old to be converted to 8.5.I went to the Labview Developer suite CD album (labview 8.5), and couldn't find the SPC for LabVIEW, only for LabWindows / CVI.&nbsp; Then I went to NI's website and tried to find more about the toolkit, it seems this one had disappeared into thin air, along with the Enterprise connectivity toolkit (or Enterprice toolkit).Does anybody know if NI stopped developing / supporting the SPC toolkit? Or if NI included it into other toolkit or product?Thanks,-Joe Hi Joe, it could be that there are some vi�s from LV5. So i think if you save the vi�s which are to old to use with LV8.5 with 8.2.1&nbsp;then it should work. Mike It is included with the DSC module in 8.5. Got it!&nbsp; Thanks! -Joe Hi &nbsp; sorry for a silly question, but I tried to locate the LabVIEW DSC Module 8.5 in my Professional development environment and I cannot find it. &nbsp; Would you please tell me which disk is it on? &nbsp; thanks Pawel &nbsp; It doesn't come with the pro version. As mentioned, it comes with the DSC which is an option for the Developer Suite or you can buy it separately. Hi Dennis &nbsp; I am sorry for confusion, I have full Developer Suite, Professinal Development System, inside 11 CDs. Which one conta...

LabVIEW 8 does not close ref's the same as LabVIEW 7!?!
Hello! I have been struggling with a difference between LabVIEW 7 and 8 in how the Close Reference functions for Active X objects. In order to fully understand the problem, let me first explain the process of how I got here. I have an application in beta testing and we noticed a huge memory leak in LabVIEW 8, 8.2. I took a snippet of the code and worked on it a while to reduce the memory leak. I was closing every reference and could not explain it so I wrote the same code in VB and saw no memory leaks. I implemented the same code in LabVIEW 8 and still saw a memory leak. The code opens a graph control from a third party vendor and draws it. Each time the graph is drawn in LabVIEW 8, it costs about 30-40k. We have 8 graphs in our application bringing each iteration to 240-320k. The users are going to be reviewing between 96-384 samples in one sitting but we have no control over when the program quits. 384 samples reviewed in the graphs is 92,160k as a minimum. I was frustrated and about to send it to the thrid party vendor, AB Sciex, but they only had LabVIEW 7.1. So I converted it back to 8.0 and then to 7.1.1. I ran the code in 7.1.1 and there were little to no memory leaks! I even tried it in LabVIEW 7.0 and it worked the same as 7.1.1. I monitored the memory of LabVIEW through the task monitor in Windows XP. I have tried it on a few XP machines and a 2000 machine and same answer on all. I also built a Task Monitor tool using .NET to graph the memory of the LabVIEW proce...

can Labview 7.0 control an instrument without the labview driver?
hellow,i have an instrument which do not have the labview driver,its output signal is RS232,so can i use labview7.0 to read the signal? thanks! Another possible option is to use the Instrument I/O Assistant. It is an interactive tool that generates Instrument I/O and response parsing code for you. It is very helpful in establishing a connection and helping parse instrument response data. It is pretty high level and basic, so if you want to utilize any special serial VISA functionality it may not go as deep as you would like - but it can definitely help get you started. ...

How can I run a labview 7.2 vi in labview 8.2
We have several versions of labview running different test and control functions in our facility. There are labview 7.2 VIs in a production setting I wish to reproduce in the test lab. Can I convert them to run on 8.2 or do I have to recreate them in 8.2. I tried to open one in 8.2 and got multiple SubVI's that were not in my program library.. most dealing with AI manipulation. &nbsp; And make sure you have backup copies of your 7.x code. Once you load and save in 8.2, it is a lot of work to get them back to 7.x. Note I used 7.x because I am unaware of LabVIEW version 7.2 even existing. 7.1.1 was the last release prior to 8.0 ...

Send sms from Labview without LabVIEW 8.0 PDA module
Does anyone can send sms from Labview without LabVIEW 8.0 PDA module? &nbsp; &nbsp; ...

Save for version 5.0 with Labview 7.0
Hello! I recently upgraded from LabView version 5.0 to 7.0. Now I need to work on some LabView 5.0 VIs while keeping their original version. LabView 7 only supports saving to the previous version, which means 6.x. What can I do? Is it possible to install both versions of LabView (5.0 & 7.0) on the same system or does that mean trouble? Thanx. Yes, you can load more than one version. The problem comes with things like MAX and NI-DAQ. These only allow one version to be loaded at a time. We have a machine here with LV 5.1, 6.0, 6.1 & 7.0 on it. They all still work. Rob It is poss...

how to open 8.0 vi with Labview 7.0
i'm using LabVIEW 7.0 how can i open a vi that was create with Labview 8.0? ...

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