Labview builder installer shows "X:\ProgramFilesFolder" instead of the system directory.

I was able to generate good installer files few weeks ago from labview
builder. Since few weeks, when a generate a installer files, when a
start the installation on PCs, the default installation directory is
"D:\ProgramFilesFolder\..." instead of "C:\program files\...". All my
build files that was working correctly in past are now with this

I had uninstalled the builder and reinstall it after. No changes.

I there any workaround to fix this.
x9561 (148437)
6/7/2004 3:31:21 PM
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Just a wild guess:

Does "D:\ProgramFilesFolder\..." exist on your machine. Could it be
set in the registry as the default install location for all programs?

If you open the old *.bld file with the application builder, what does
it say about target location?
x9561 (148437)
6/7/2004 6:38:44 PM
No it doesn't, I tried to install my bad installation files on two
different computers, both have D:\ProgramFilesFolder. I scan through
my registry, nothing about "ProgramFilesFolder".

Old and new .bld say "Program Files Directory".

My old installation files work on both computer. The problem seems to
be on the machine that creates these installation files.

I tried to build with the same .bld, on a different computer and it
x9561 (148437)
6/8/2004 2:31:14 PM
Hi Germain,

You'll want to verify that your Windows default install directory is
set correctly in the registry.  Here are the steps to follow:

1.  Go to <b>Start >> Run...</b>
2.  Type <b>"regedit"</b> in the Open field
3.  Navigate to
4.  Back up this registry branch first so you can undo any unwanted
changes in the future!  Go to <b>File >> Export...</b>.  Type in a
name to save the .reg file as and choose Selected branch for the
Export Range.
5.  Now, to change the default install directory, you'll notice on the
right-hand side window, there will be a string called
<b>ProgramFilesDir</b>.  Modify this value to the desired path.

You're set!  Best of luck.  =)

Kileen C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
x9561 (148437)
6/8/2004 2:56:30 PM
This is set correctly, the bug is in my installation files. The
builder is doing something wrong. Because, if I take my old
installation file, the directory is correct. Only the installation
files created on my computer since two weeks are created with this

And it is taking directory (d:\programfilesfolder) on each machines I

It looks related to the builder for me. More, the .bld rebuild on an
another machine installed with labview and builder is build correctly.

My sources are not in cause. The target machine is not in cause. The
builder is badly generating the "programfilesfolder".

Germain Hebert
Software Designer
x9561 (148437)
6/8/2004 4:18:08 PM
It is possible that "leftover" files in the temp directory could be
tripping it up.  Could you try the following on the affected machine?

- exit all applications (NI and otherwise)
- go to the temp directory (you can just type %temp% in Windows
Explorer or My Computer to get to it)
- delete all of the files and directories in the temp directory
- reboot the machine, restart LabView, and retry the build

Please let me know if this fixes your problem...

- WesW / NI
x9561 (148437)
6/9/2004 2:14:03 PM
Hi Germain,

I did a little more research into this issue, and it looks like we
have had a previous reported case of this happening with the
Application Builder installer script.  However, we have had some
difficulty reproducing this issue here and would greatly appreciate it
any help that you could provide.  You can either email or phone NI at
<a href="http://www.ni.com/support">http://www.ni.com/support</a> and
we can provide you with a temporary 30-day service contract if you do
not have an existing contract with us.

Thanks again for your understanding regarding this issue and we
greatly appreciate any help you can provide us.

Kileen C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
x9561 (148437)
6/9/2004 6:40:32 PM
It doesn't.

x9561 (148437)
6/10/2004 2:51:09 PM