Labview example serial to parallel conversion

I have a test requirement where I want to use MIC 5891 which is a " serial input to 8 bit parallel driver - shift register " for driving relays etc, I want to use DAQ 6008 DO lines to be used as clk , serial data
strobe , output enable lines for this serial to parallel driver IC. 
Can someone provide help how this can be done using LABVIEW. We are using Labview 7.1
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3/20/2008 8:40:08 AM
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Hi Vinod,

The USB-6008 does not have hardware timed
digital outputs, so the only way to accomplish what you are trying to do will be
through software timing. Since it looks like you are doing synchronous serial
this could work.  You will have a
manually control each line in software to create the timing you are looking
for. A good example of software timed digital output can be found in the NI
Example Finder. This can be found by going to the Help menu and selecting Find
Examples.... Once the NI Example Finder is open select Hardware Input and
Output � DAQmx � Digital Generation � Write Dig Port.vi. 

Also <a href="http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=70&amp;thread.id=7192&amp;view=by_date_ascending&amp;page=2" target="_blank">here</a> is a forum post that talks about
implementing software timed SPI communication. Since SPI is a type of
synchronous serial this may help also. Let me know if you have any questions.
Take care. 

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3/21/2008 5:40:09 PM
Hello Nathan
Thanks for yr suggestion. In this application timing is not critical , it just requires data to be first available at the shift register input &amp; then making a Low-High change at clock input . Someone has
also suggested using an array&nbsp;&amp; then outputting on DO lines. I would come back if any help
Thanks Vinod
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3/26/2008 6:40:06 PM

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Hi everybody! &nbsp; I've a problem with the serial comunication menaged by LabView... :smileysad: &nbsp; I've a PC with two serial ports (COM1 &amp; COM2) and I realized&nbsp;two really simple programs to test serial communication:&nbsp; &nbsp; - "Serial Tx"&nbsp; to transmits the string "AA" from port "COM1".&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - "Serial Rx"&nbsp; to receive this string from port "COM2". I've checked with the oscilloscope and the string is properly generated by COM1... :smileyhappy: I start "Serial Rx"&nbsp;and after this, I immediately start "Serial Tx"... But I don't read anything and after the timeout value "Serial Rx" ends :smileysad: Can you help me ?!?! Thank you very much! :smileywink: SERIAL RX.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/337513/1/SERIAL RX.vi SERIAL TX.vi: http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/337513/2/SERIAL TX.vi Can you post the screen shot of your vi or post it for Lv 8.0? You only need one serial port to talk to one scope. The serial port does both send and receive. <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RS-232" target="_blank">RS-232</a>. First try communicating with Hyperterminal. If you can get that to work, the LabVIEW should have no problem. If you are just doing a loopback test, then verify you have the correct type of cable. You need one that swaps the ...

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Hello I need some help with regard to calling a LabVIEW-built DLL in LabVIEW.I have created a vi in LabVIEW. I made the DLL for this vi. I called this VI as a re-entrant in another vi.This vi(calling DLL) has been working fine till yesterday. Since yesterday, it started crashing LV.I need some help in this regard.I am attaching the screenshots of the Application Builder configuration window, the B.D of the vi using DLL and that of the configuration window which pops up when i call the DLL.I made a vi which performs FRA. I built its DLL.I have around 10 inputs. I output 3 one-dimensional arrays, and a string from the DLL.When i build the DLL, the builder defines the outputs 'gain', 'phase' and 'frequency' as arrays of 8-byte double.When i call this DLL in my vi, the configuration window sets them as 'numeric' outputs.Why does this happen? What is the solution to this?When i try to set them as 'array' in this configuration window, i get a warning that i am trying to change the data types which do not match with the data type found in the DLL. Is this the problem with my code or with the Application Builder?Now, after i change the 3 output datatypes to Arrays, and set their minimum length(i assumed that this value means the size of the array ), the vi runs and crashes LV. I am nto sure when it crashes, why it crashes. It runs fine at one time. It crashes at another time. I am nto sure if these arrays are teh reason why L...

Is LabVIEW Runtime required for a DLL created by LabVIEW ?
Hi &nbsp; Could some one&nbsp;advice me on this matter please. I am trying to build a DLL for a set of functions created in LabVIEW. Now I am&nbsp; wondering if I need to use it with some other language like VB or C++, do I need to install the LabVIEW runtime of the same version as the original functions ? &nbsp; Any settings required while creating the DLL ? I am trying to&nbsp;create it in LV 7.0 &nbsp; Thanks in advance Deepu. &nbsp; Hi Deepu, yes, if you want to use a dll, which is created with LabView you have to install&nbsp;the runtime engine. Mike Alright Mike, Thanks ! I was&nbsp;hoping it would work without the LabVIEW runtime. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply. Rgds Deepu. ...

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