LabVIEW PDA and Tab Controls

Hi everybody,
I am pretty new to LabVIEW which I need to use for my thesis.
I'm using LV 7.1 with the PDA module and the target is an iPaq with 
Pocket PC 2003 (hx4700). Then I have the 6062E DAQ Card which I connect 
to the PDA with a PCMCIA to CF adaptor.

I have to develop an application for the PDA which have to acquire data 
and which can send them to another PC (a desktop one) or using TCP over 
wi-fi, or using bluetooth

The PDA has not a big display (just 480x640), so I need to overcome this 
problem someway. And I thought to use the tab control on the front 
panel, to switch between different sections.

I made two tabs, one with parameters for network and switches to 
start/stop connection, and the other for acquisition stuff (chart, 
swirches for starting/stopping acquisition)

My problem is that when I run the program, if I focus on the acquisition 
tab and select start acquisition, it starts to acquire and displying it 
on the chart, but I can not switch the focus on the other tab.

So is it possible to make the program continue acquisition and switching 
on the other tab, while it is stil acquiring? Something like "putting it 
in the background"

I hope I've explained myself. Sorry for bad english and thanks for answers.


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1/25/2005 8:38:15 PM
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