LabVIEW Web server with Reverse Proxy server

We have a LabVIEW exe running with web server enabled.  When we
configure a Reverse Proxy Server on a firewall computer to expose the
html files on the LabVIEW computer everything works fine except the
<img src="/.snap?My_cool.vi" alt="My_cool.vi" BORDER=1><p> command.

I've tried <img src="http://ip_of_LV_web_server/.snap?My_cool.vi"
alt="My_cool.vi" BORDER=1><p> without success.

Apparently the Reverse Proxy server will not allow the LV web server
to generate the image and pass it along.

Is there a html solution?

x9561 (148438)
9/23/2004 9:01:40 PM
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     Reverse proxys can be very "picky" about the type of information
     that they let through.  In this case, the problem is probably the
     ".snap" expression.  What we want to do instead is use the VI Server
     to produce a .jpg image that will reside on the server computer.
     Then, we can simply use the IMG SRC... commands to view the .jpg.

     1. Place an invoke node on the block diagram
     2. Change the VI Server Class to "VI" (right-      click)
     3. Select the method to be "Get Panel Image"
     4. Place a "Write JPEG File.vi" on the block
     5. Connect "image" to "flattened image
      data", "colors" to "color table", and "bounds"
      to "rect". Connect an "8" constant to depth (8-
      bit).  Wire a path control to the JPEG path
      (where the image is to be stored)

     Now that we are making a .jpg file, we can view it in the LabVIEW
     .html file by adding the appropriate tag to the .html file.

Good luck,
x9561 (148438)
9/27/2004 8:15:49 PM