MAX can't find Agilent 82357A GPIB/USB converter

I'm having intermittent problems communicating with my Agilent 34970a through the Agilent GPIB/USB converter. My Labview 8.5 program uses the Agilent Initialize vi, and cannot recognize the GPIB/USB converter unless I first run the Agilent communication wizard, which successfully communicates with it,then my LV program and/or MAX can see it. Sometimes while debugging my LV program I lose comm, then have to run Agilent wizard, or unplug/replug the USB cable to re-establish comm. I've been on the phone with Agilent tech help who, after trying a lot of things, suggests I update my Agiletn I/O s/w and my NI-MAX. 
First question is where can I get a MAX update/download? I'm currently using ver 4.4of1. Second question is, any idea what's going on? I've tried a different GPIB/USB converter with no success. When I launch my LV program I get the error message "Error 1073807264
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6/10/2008 8:40:09 PM
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