need help with lv 5.1 and ni-daq 5.1

I re-installed lv5.1 and ni_daq 5.1 many times. the daq is fully
functional in the test panels and config wizard show everythin is fine
(displays whatever I put into the channel on the wizard screen at full

- reinstalled both many times - no daq functions available in LV 5.1 -
daq card test panels are fully functional-

If I do a AI-read function the function panel has a bunch of question
marks - please help
x9561 (148440)
10/1/2003 6:31:09 PM
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Is there any particular reason you're going w/ NI-DAQ 5.1?
Sub 5.1 was used for Windows 3.1.
Up to 6.1 supports legacy boards (our old ISA friends).
I believe NI-DAQ 6.1 was included in all versions of LV 5.1, and will
make all the appropiate functions available in LV.

See also:
x9561 (148440)
10/2/2003 1:55:58 AM
no reason other than stupidity. I thought 5.1 went with 5.1.

thanks for the link - I looked for that type of answer before I posted
to the mail group - didnt find it.

thanks for the hlep

x9561 (148440)
10/2/2003 12:25:36 PM