Re: I have problems getting readings from an Agilent 34401 using the LabView drivers from the IDN. I get VISA timeouts, error code is -1073807339.

I have also today seen the same error messages while trying to use the example code for the 34401A...... Anyone since found a solution? it does appear to be a timing issue.
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9/26/2006 6:40:08 AM
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It was with the standard 34401 Plug and Play drivers I was seeing the problem. Running the examples within the driver was giving me a 410 error on the voltmeter. When I created a simple routine myself I also saw the same error.
I have since downloaded the Project style 34401 drivers and all works well..... I am not quite sure where these differ and the reasoning behind the two styles of drivers, but at least these work without needing to modify things!
I haven't tried the IVI driver.
x9561 (148439)
9/27/2006 10:40:07 PM
What are in frames 0 and 1?
Always, have you tried using NI-Spy to see what is being sent and received?
Ray Farmer
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9/28/2006 1:40:11 PM
The project-style driver is new to LabVIEW 8 and above that leverages the LabVIEW project.  As this is a different driver, we were able to redesign the API to be consistent with the latest instrument driver templates.  There are also several more examples available in this driver.  Unless you need an existing Play and Play driver for backward compatiblity in your code, you should use a project-style driver for new application development if one is availble.
The existing hp34401a driver should function properly.Message Edited by Jason Hobbs on 09-29-2006  09:33 AM
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9/29/2006 2:40:10 PM
Hi Adam,
Thanks for your reply!!  The code is setup so that the 34401 is initialized in the Startup and closed in the Cleanup in the TestStand environment.   A VISA Resource is passed to each step of the sequence that requires the DMM.  I thought it was more efficient and better coding to do it this way rather than repeatedly opening and closing the instrument.  This means I can't easily run the code on it's own on the CM station.  I also do not have the development environment installed on the CM station and I'm reluctant to put it on as I have a couple more stations to setup for the CM after this one is finished.  The computers are essentially the same (Intel P4) so I don't think computer is the issue.  I tried upgrading the VISA drivers to 4.0 yesterday but the problem is still there.
The test times out the first time I run it, so I terminate the test sequence by running Cleanup.  The details are:
    VISA Wait on Event in Wait for RQS.vi->HP34401A ReadMeas.vi
    VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF0015) Timeout expired before operation completed.
I rerun the test sequence again and during initialization in the Startup, it reports error code -107400165.  The details are:
    <ERR>HP34401A Error Query:
    instrument reports:
    -410, "Query INTERRUPTED"
I then terminate the sequence by running Cleanup.  I rerun the test sequence again and the cycle repeats where the 34401A times out.  The pattern is consistent.
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11/28/2006 4:10:13 PM

I tested the driver using an identical setup as the screenshot earlier
in the thread and it worked...at first.  After tweaking some settings,
I started finding the same timeout issues as everyone else in the

I've looked into the issue and it seems that the service request
mechanism isn't working correctly.  The Wait for RQS VI throws a
timeout and that's what's causing the error.  The data stays in the
buffer, causing a Query Interrupted (-410) error to occur on the next
run.  We've since moved away from service requests in the project-style
driver, so the newer 34401 driver should work fine (as well as being
coded more efficiently).

Anyway, I rewrote a bit of the code, and it
seemed to fix the issue on my machine.  If you replace the Read
Measurement driver VI with the VI I've attached to this post, it should
(I hope) fix the issue on your setup as well.  This version uses the Operation Complete bit on the instrument and then polls it until the operation is complete.If you implement this VI, please leave feedback telling us if it helped or not.  If it seems to help, we may look at upgrading the 7.0 driver with the fix.Thanks!

HP34401A Read Meas Replacement.vi:
http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/217544/1/HP34401A Read Meas Replacement.vi
x9561 (148439)
11/28/2006 9:10:09 PM
Hi Jim,
Many thanks!!  I tried the VI late this afternoon and my application now works as expected!!  If I ever make it to a NI Week, I think I owe the Apps group a round on me.  Thanks again for your help!
p.s.  I wonder if this would help all those other Agilent instruments that have timeout issues...
x9561 (148439)
11/29/2006 6:40:09 AM

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Ultimately, I am trying to copy a stand-alone&nbsp;executable labview program from&nbsp;one computer to another. When I try to run the program and&nbsp;acquire data through the DAQ, I get "Error -10001 occured at AI Group Config." The code was written by an engineer who is no longer here. &nbsp; Specs on computers: Original: Windows 98 platform, no LabView installed New: Windows XP platform, no LabView installed &nbsp; Specs on executable: Originally written using LabView 6.0. I've updated the Run-Time Engine&nbsp;in the new computer with RTE 6.1. There is also no "install" file included, only an "uninstall" file. &nbsp; Components: In order to duplicate the original computer setup, we recently&nbsp;purchased identical components. BNC-2120 NI PCI-6023E... installed Traditional (Legacy) driver in new computer using XP platform &nbsp; -How can I resolve this without being able to modify the code itself? -What am I missing here? -Do I need to use Windows 98 on the new computer in order for this stand alone exe to work? I have minimal experience in LabView, so any assistance is useful. If the original executable was written in LabVIEW 6.0, then you must have the LabVIEW6.0 runtime engine installed. The 6.1 engine will not work. But since it sounds like the application is running (you're getting a DAQ error), then I'm guessing that the 6.0 RTE has been installed, or the code was actually written in 6....

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