Re: VisualBasic "Show & Hide" equivalents in LabView

I want to show/hide the Labview Help programatically. (Just on the click on single button)
How it can be done?
Do i have to use event structure on Ctrl + H buttons???:smileyindifferent:
Please suggest some solution.
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7/1/2008 11:40:07 AM
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There's a help palette with a primitive called Control Help Window, which should do what you want (assuming you want the context help).
x9561 (148438)
7/1/2008 12:10:07 PM
<img src="http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/336539/1/untitled5.PNG"> Message Edited by mathan on 07-01-2008  07:07 AM

x9561 (148438)
7/1/2008 12:10:09 PM
Hi Tst,
Thanks. i know that there is a Context Help Window where you can see the help for all the functions or Labview help.
i want to show/hide this window programatically.
Is it possible?
x9561 (148438)
7/1/2008 12:10:10 PM
Thanks Mathan,
This is what i wanted.
x9561 (148438)
7/1/2008 12:40:05 PM
Hi Dev, the first of those functions ("context help window") is what you need - as you can read in the context help window for that function!!!:smileyvery-happy:
x9561 (148438)
7/1/2008 12:40:07 PM
i got it.
thanks .
x9561 (148438)
7/2/2008 12:10:05 PM

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