Running LV7.0 on dual cpu system

Would Labview take advantage of the 2nd cpu in a windows2000 system?
Or will it just run all threads under one cpu and let the other cpu be
Would it also distribute the various threads amongst
the two cpu's ?
x9561 (148440)
10/3/2003 2:59:23 PM
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LV will adapt its execution engines to multiple processors. This will
begin to take advantage of multiple processors, but if the dataflow
sequences things into a single chain of computations, then it will
basically move the computation to one processor and the UI to the

You should become familiar with application Note 114 called Using
LabVIEW to Create Multithreaded VIs for Maximun Performance and
Reliability.  If you utilize more than one combination of execution
systems and priorities, you will have multiple threads which can be
scheduled on two separate processors.  Furthermore, you can introduce
parallelism on your diagram, which will allow LabVIEW to break up
individual VIs into two or more threads in some cases.  Then a single
VI could have the opportunity to run on separate processors (assuming
the LabVIEW compiler decided to split up the VI).  Again you can
promote this by introducing parallelism on the diagram.
x9561 (148440)
10/3/2003 6:58:43 PM