Save VI developed in Labview 6.1 to work in Labview 5.1

I have been working with Labview 6.1 but I need to execute my VIs in
Labview 5.1 too. What can I do to reuse all the VIs without having to
develop them again in Labview 5.1? I am not able to save my VIs as 5.1
from Labview 6.1 It only allows me to save them as Labview 6.0

Thank you!
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10/8/2003 9:06:20 AM
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Assuming they can be converted, and there's not too many, you might
want to try posting them here for someone to convert. (convert to 6.0
first and zip) Not too elegant but may get you out of a bind.
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10/8/2003 9:51:53 AM

Yes, each new version of LabVIEW only carries the capability to save
for one version previous.  So, you would need to save the 6.1 VIs for
vesion 6.0, and then from LabVIEW 6.0 save for 5.1.  If there aren't
too many VIs, one of our engineers here would most likely have no
problem with making the conversion for you.  You could email NI with
them to make it more private, if you'd like, rather than posting them
on the site.  (To create an email request, go to www.ni.com/ask).

Hope this helps!

Liz Fausak
National Instruments
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10/9/2003 2:09:46 PM

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