Using "scan from file", is there a "format string" that will stop at a pattern

I'd like to use the "scan from file" primitive to identify (and stop
at) a pattern of characters.
My goal is to avoid loop-logic required by "match pattern" string
Is there a "regular expression"/"format string" that will cause a scan
to stop at a specific pattern of characters?
Bill C.
x9561 (148440)
1/15/2004 9:53:21 PM
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When you mention not using "Match Pattern" you are referring to that
vi, right?

So, do you mean something like:
using "Match True/False String" where you feed your string which is
read from the file and you wire the string you want to match at (let's
say) "true string" and you wire the selection (which is a boolean TRUE
if/when match is found) to the STOP if TRUE of your loop.

The above is if you are using a loop.  But if I read correctly, you
don't want to use a loop.  Is that correct?

If you are looking for a string, then you can use the "Match Pattern"
vi without any loop.  It will give you the matched substring, and you
can read and feed the entire string to it.

Are the "specific pattern of characters" control characters? or a
string?  I am not aware of the vi that would stop a scan. But you can
implement a solution based on your desired pattern.

Maybe we should suggest such a thing as an Express VI.  It would be
very useful.

x9561 (148440)
1/15/2004 11:05:22 PM