Reminder: Common Lisp Weekly News

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Weekly news are published for several programming language communities.
Since december 2008 there are weekly news collected for (Common) Lisp:

Quoted from the website:�� a weekly newspost and newsletter
  dedicated to the recent developments in the Common Lisp community.

   *	If you know something that you think would interest the rest of the community,
   *	If you would like to announce a software release,
   *	Or anything else Common Lisp related,

  Then drop me a mail (reverse '("com" "." "yahoo" "@" "anyakinvictor")).

Those who want to catch up with recent developments without following
newsgroups, mailing lists, webforums, etc. might find it useful.
Remember to send in to the lispified mail address above if you
want to see something mentioned there...

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