newbie question: Tk::Tree 'open' setting doesn't work?

I have the following on my Tree object:

$ctree->add('Baby Items', -text => 'Baby Items', -at => 0);
$ctree->add('Baby Items.Bibs', -text => 'Bibs', -at => 1);
$ctree->add('Baby Items.Blankets', -text => 'Blankets', -at => 2);
$ctree->add('Doilies', -text => 'Doilies', -at => 3);
$ctree->add('Doilies.Small Circular', -text => 'Small Circular', -at => 4);
$ctree->setmode('Baby Items', 'open');
$ctree->setmode('Doilies', 'open');

The entries all come up branched correctly, and the indicators actually
show +, in that they're set to 'open', and I have to click twice on them to
get them to close, which tells me they're actually supposedly set

The problem is, the sub-paths are displayed yet.  It's expanded, even
though the indicator (and other behaviours) are correct.

I've even tried adding $ctree->autoset; and had no success.

Would someone please take pity on me and tell me where I'm going wrong?  :)


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5/12/2004 10:38:10 AM
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