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Paul Falbe <paul@cassens.com> writes:
>Now seems a good time to mention some work we've been doing
>with froglogic.com.  I needed to do some programming for PDAs running
>Qtopia.  Since, I am better programmer in PerlTk then C++/Qt
>I commissioned Harri Porten of froglogic.com to build me
>perlTk emmulator if you will using the Qt toolkit instead
>of Tk.  The project is far enough along that I have a 7300+
>Pq (Perl with Qt) project.  The syntax is perlTk but
>uses Qt.  

Sounds interesting. 
Qt is another option. My preference for gtk is mainly biased by 
non-western language support - but I haven't looked at Qt recently.

>A couple of widgets have a few extension needed
>for use on a PDA and we added a "Sketch" widget
>so I could capture signatures quickly.  And we implent the ability
>to have round Buttons to save screen space.  Pq is far from
>complete but you can do some interesting things
>on your Qtopia/Opie powered PDA.  As soon as Harri
>makes a web page for downloading I'll post how to get code.
>By using Slaven's perl 5.005 arm binary everything fits
>nicely on our PDA.
>-Paul Falbe
> Cassens Transprt

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12/9/2005 1:56:28 PM
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