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Vadim Konovalov <vkonovalov@spb.lucent.com> writes:
>What is wrong with non-western language support in perl/Tk or tcl/tk, BTW?

1. Direction support e.g. right to left for Arabic or Hebrew script,
   and (I think) vertical for Chinese to have a traditional look.
2. Composite characters - while western scripts typically have precomposed 
   accented characters à and digraphs Æ with other scripts these have 
   to be done by kerning accents into right place relative to base 
3. Context dependant glyphs - Arabic has one code point represented 
   by different glyphs for initial/medial/final. 

Gtk's pango was designed for this - a quick google 
shows up http://lwn.net/2001/features/OLS/pdf/pdf/pango.pdf

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12/10/2005 7:11:56 PM
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