Seeking for PHP-developers for porting the PHPlib templace class to an PHP-extension

Dear reader,

For the last three years I'm using the template parser of PHPlib
with a lot of pleasure. I think this is still the best mechanism
for seperating PHP-code and HTML related code. Of course there are
many, many other good parsers but this just my opinion.

But a lack of most of the HTML-template parsers is SPEED. When
developing big websites all of the template parser are too slow (IMO).
Therefore I'm trying to find a group of people who are willing to
contribute to a new opensource project to port the PHPlib template class
to an extension which can be build in or dynamically loaded to PHP.

The main goals of this new template-parser extension are:
- fully copy the features the PHPlib template class provide
- this parser has to be fast, fast, fast!

Some interesting features which can be of interest are features
which are covered by the SMARTY template parser, like:

- automatically parsing UNIX timestamps
- concatenating long strings
- lowercasing strings
- ... etc, etc.

When I've formed a group I will create a website with
a fully documented section on it.

If you are a PHP-developer or just want to help, please contact

Thanx in advance,
Diederick H.
1/3/2005 9:44:02 PM
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