Re: problem install 1.6.8/1.8 on OS X 10.2 - success

I now have 1.6.7 reinstalled on 10.2.6 and I also have 1.8 installed. I
believe the problem originated in the way in installed 10.2.6. I thought
that installing the main package would do everything. It was only after I
installed the items in the packages folder and xfree86 from sourceforge
that I was able to install ruby. I'm not sure just which was the critical
element. Perhaps it was SDK.pkg. The 1.6.7 is installed under fink's
system. The 1.8 was a simple ./configure, make, make install. I did have to
use ranlib, but otherwise it went very smoothly. The whole saga can be
viewed on the Apple OS X discussion page under "failure to install software
in 10.2.6".

      To:   Gary.Palmer <gary.palmer@ccmail.nevada.edu>
      Subject:    Re: problem install 1.6.8/1.8 on OS X 10.2
Mark Wilson <mwilson13@cox.net>

06/25/2003 06:56 PM AST
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The BSDSDK package is in the December 2002 Dev Tools. It is in the
Packages folder. If installing the Developer package doesn't also
install BSDSDK, you can just go in the Packages folder and install it

6/27/2003 7:14:40 PM
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