ANNOUNCE: Call For Papers: 13th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference, Oct. 9-13, 2006

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Announcing the 13th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference

October 9-13, 2006
Naperville, Illinois USA

Learn from the experts, share your experience - the annual Tcl/Tk
conference is
your opportunity to engage with the Tcl/Tk core team and your fellow

The conference program will include:
 * Presentations and tutorials
 * The (Active)State of Tcl talk by Tcl/Tk release manager Jeff Hobbs
 * Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions
 * Invited key-note talks
 * Discussion forums with the Tcl/Tk core team

Call For Papers

You are invited and indeed encouraged to submit proposals for
presentations and
tutorials. The conference schedule will consist of 2 days of tutorials
(Monday - Tuesday) and 3 days for the main conference (Wednesday -

The conference provides you an opportunity to report on original
research and applications of Tcl/Tk and related technology. The
audience will
consist of practitioners and researchers who are intermediate or
users of Tcl/Tk.  For this reason, reports on experiences and
should draw out lessons for other Tcl/Tk developers.

Topics will include, but are not limited to:
 * Application of Tcl/Tk in industries as diverse as engineering,
     industrial controls, broadcasting, financial services,
     medical and electronic design
 * Networking with Tcl/Tk, including distributed applications and
 * New widgets and techniques for GUI design with Tk
 * Simulation and application steering with Tcl/Tk
 * Tcl/Tk on handheld and embedded devices
 * New Tcl extensions and add-ons, including Tcllib and Tklib
 * Tcl/Tk centric operating environments

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in submitting a paper you should send an abstract
of about
100 words and a summary of maximum two pages. Omit extraneous or
information. Length is not a direct factor in judging the quality of

If submitting a tutorial proposal you should send an outline of the
tutorial and
a brief biography, and clearly indicate whether the tutorial is of
half-day or
full-day duration.

Send submissions as plain text to <tcl2006@tcl.tk>  no later than May
31, 2006.

The primary author for each accepted paper will receive registration
to the Technical Sessions portion of the conference at a reduced rate.

The program committee will review and evaluate papers according to
the following criteria:
 * Quantity and quality of novel content
 * Relevance and interest to the Tcl/Tk community
 * Suitability of content for presentation at the conference

Proposals may report on commercial or non-commercial systems, but
those with only blatant marketing content will not be accepted.

Application and experience papers need to strike a balance between
background on the application domain and the relevance of Tcl/Tk to
the application.  Application and experience papers should clearly
explain how the application or experience illustrates a novel use of
Tcl/Tk, and what lessons the Tcl/Tk community can derive from the
application or experience to apply to their own development efforts.

Papers accompanied by non-disclosure agreement forms will be returned
to the author(s) unread.  All submissions are held in the highest
confidentiality prior to publication in the Proceedings, both as a
matter of policy and in accord with the U. S. Copyright Act of 1976.

Registration Information

More information on the conference will be available in Spring 2006
at the conference web site (http://www.tcl.tk/community/tcl2006/)
and published on various Tcl/Tk related information channels.

To keep in touch with conference announcements and Tcl events in
general, subscribe to the tcl-announce list at:
by entering your email and selecting Tcl-announce.

Conference Committee

Cyndy Lilagan     Eolas Technologies              Facilities
Clif Flynt        Noumena Corp                    General Chair
Steve Redler IV   SR Technology                   Program Chair
Steve Landers     Digital Smarties                Program Co-chair
Kevin Kenny       GE Global Research Center
Jeffrey Hobbs     ActiveState
Andreas Kupries   ActiveState
Mike Doyle        Eolas Technologies
Ron Fox           NSCL Michigan State University
Donal Fellows     University of Manchester
Gerald Lester     HMS Software
Larry Virden      Tcl FAQ Maintainer

Contact Information

tcl2006 @ tcl.tk

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