compiling Snack 2.2.10 vs tcl 8.6.1

I'm trying to compile snack 2.2.10 against tcl 8.6.1 on Windows 7 with
Visual Studio 2010.

Snack has the following in some .h

    #define TCL_SEEK Tcl_Seek
    #define TCL_TELL Tcl_Tell
    #define TCL_SEEK Tcl_SeekOld
    #define TCL_TELL Tcl_TellOld

and then uses TCL_SEEK(...) and TCL_TELL(...) in the C Code.

Now linking the DLL fails with two unresolved externals, Tcl_SeekOld()
and Tcl_TellOld().  (Linking against tcl 8.5.15 is fine).

Yes, the *Old() functions are deprecated, but this still puzzles me
since the prototypes are there, the stubs entries are there etc., and I
can't see any difference in the DLL-export status of the *Old functions
compared to the regular Tcl_Seek()/Tcl_Tell().

Short of changing the snack code, anyone else encountered this, hints?

5/6/2014 5:04:25 PM
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* Ralf Fassel <ralfixx@gmx.de>
| I'm trying to compile snack 2.2.10 against tcl 8.6.1 on Windows 7 with
| Visual Studio 2010.
| Now linking the DLL fails with two unresolved externals, Tcl_SeekOld()
| and Tcl_TellOld().  (Linking against tcl 8.5.15 is fine).
| Yes, the *Old() functions are deprecated, but this still puzzles me
| since the prototypes are there, the stubs entries are there etc., and I
| can't see any difference in the DLL-export status of the *Old functions
| compared to the regular Tcl_Seek()/Tcl_Tell().

Ok, seems that in tclDecls.h there are two lines

    #undef Tcl_SeekOld
    #undef Tcl_TellOld

which unconditionally take away the stubs definitions, but leave the
function declarations and stubs entries.  I can't find any hint why
these two are handled different from other functions, in fact right now
I can't find in 8.5.15 or 8.6.1 any hint that they are in fact to be
considered deprecated.

Any hints anyone?
5/7/2014 4:19:29 PM

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