tcl-gaul: Genetic Algorithms for Tcl. (Tcl package)

This is an announcement for a relatively new Tcl project: tcl-gaul

Tcl-gaul is a Tcl extension for genetic/evolutionary algorithm 
processing.It relies on the GAUL library: http://gaul.sourceforge.net/

* A  genetic  algorithm  (GA)  is  a  search technique used in computing 
to find exact or approximate solutions to optimization and search 
problems. Genetic algorithms are categorized as global search 
heuristics. They are a  particular  class  of  evolutionary  algorithms 
  that  use  techniques inspired by evolutionary biology such as 
inheritance, mutation, selection, and crossover. For an introduction to 
genetic algorithms visit: http://gaul.sourceforge.net/intro.html

Platform: Linux (GAUL library dependency)
Home page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tcl-gaul/
Man page: http://tcl-gaul.sourceforge.net/
Author: Alexandros Stergiakis

alsterg (13)
9/3/2008 9:42:10 AM
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