XOTcl 1.1.1 available

Dear Tcl community,
 i am pleased to announce the general availability of XOTcl 1.1.1.
 Changes (mostly portability and build improvements) relative 
 to 1.1.0 are:

  - Compiles out of the box for
     * Mac OS X (many thanks to Daniel Steffen)
     * freebsd 4.9 (many thanks to Marc Spitzer)

  - configure can run outside of xotcl-tree and
    can install to a different directory. Example:

            % mkdir -p /tmp/xotcl/unix
            % cd /tmp/xotcl/unix
            % ~/xotcl-1.1.1/unix/configure --with-all
            % make
            % make test
            % make install DESTDIR=/tmp

  - several fixes and improvements such as 
     * added option --with-tkinclude for configure 
       (only needed when built with optional --with-xowish)
     * fixes to make gdbm work when compiled with threads enabled
     * fix for initialization of stubtables in gdbm
     * fixes for HTTP support (return format of values in
       HTTP OPTION command made windows explorer hang)
     * easy provision for redirects in HTTP server

 best regards
-gustaf neumann &
 uwe zdun
neumann8225 (127)
12/13/2003 9:05:32 PM
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Download is available @ http://media.wu-wien.ac.at/download.html
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