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Programming Windows CE 2 in Visual Basic or Visual C++
Hi, I've been searching the web for ages, looking for some software that will allow me, with my Phillips Nino 3xx PDA running Windows CE2, to program in one Basic or C++ Visual and make a compiled program to be able to install on my PDA device as other software. I've only found software for PocketPC etc... I'd like it is I could program it on my laptop using Visual Basic and with a form for the Windows CE screen etc.. Thanks. If someone can help, please reply or email. On Sat, 07 Aug 2004 14:49:20 +0800, Johan Kahn <johankahnSPAMKILL@westnet.com.au> wrote: >Hi, >...

Is Classic Visual Basic Deceased?
Is classic Visual Basic, or VB6, dead, dying, or still useable? Is it okay to start developing Windows applications with VB6? I know VB6 applications run on Windows 2000 and XP, but what about future versions of .Net-based Windows, such as 2005's "Longhorn"? Will Microsoft allow software to run in a sort of backwards-compatible mode using VB6 DLL's instead of .Net? I know the easiest solution is to purchase VB.Net, but the reasons I will probably not are because (1) VB.Net has harder code than VB6 and (2) it is expensive. If anyone knows an easy RAD tool like VB that will p...

Hi I'm trying to work with the visual basic like language of the web part of openoffice, it looks a lot like visual basic. My question is, i'm trying to set focus to a certain textbox, but i can't get it to work. I used to remember that there was something like that in the control properties box in vb, like setfocus or something, but not here. Any tutorials on openoffice about the vb web thingie would be highly appreciated to. Thanks a bunch. ...

Visual Basic for platforms other than Windows
Many many moons ago, a developer house released VB for Unix based systems. The firm was also involved with porting Outlook Express 4 and 5 to HP-UX, Solaris and I think DEC platforms. The name did sound a bit like Microsoft (it did have Micro as the first part of the name) Is anyone familiar with such a product. I do distinctly remember seeing the advert in VBPJ, I think the one that reviewed JET3.0, but I no longer (foolish me) have it. "W" <still_@none.com> wrote in message <news:BA6Lb.85$Zi2.3385@nnrp1.ozemail.com.au>... > Many many moons ago, a developer ho...

Visual Objects compared to Visual Basic and Visual C.
Who can explain me why I have to use VO instead of VB or VC? OR is is there no difference? With kind regards Rob van der Ploeg Rob, Every language has his (dis)advantages. The ones you mention are all wrappers around the Win32 API. VO is a very nice and easy language compared to VC. Data-access is famous with VO, but also memorymanagement, the cargage collector, ragged array's. and the result is fast and reliable code. You do not have to declare every variable if you do not want to. (but you will) Comparing to VB is VO a real OOP langangue where VB is not. You can wri...

AOL windows in Visual Basic .net
I am making a chart program with Visual Basic .net and anyone who has used America Online or Microsoft Word, or even Microsoft Management Console knows that there are windows inside the main window. How can I put these in VB.net? Or is there a way I can do something with panels? Almost everybody in this newsgroup is using VB6 or lower. While you may get a stray answer to VB.NET (including VB2003 and VB2005 which has dropped .NET from its name) questions here, you should ask them in newsgroups devoted exclusively to .NET programming. Look for newsgroups with either the word "dotnet"...

Windows 8 Apps with Visual Basic
Is it possible to do Windows 8 Apps with visual basic? And if I have a Windows 8 Convertible Netbook/Tablet: Can I compile as a normal Windows program, as a Windows 8 App optimized for touch screens, and as a Windows 8 App for phones? How would I get the App in the Store? They whole thing is a little bit confusing and I didn't find clear answers in the web. :( A few distinctions: This is a VB group, mainly for VB5/6. VB is for writing compiled Windows software. It's not the same thing as VB.Net If you're using .Net you can try the web forums or this group: micr...

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