vb6 getting cellbackcolor in msflexgrid

Hi All

Phew!  Thought everybody had gone... what's happened to the newsgroup

Just in case there are few of you left, could anybody explain to me how I
get the cellbackcolor value from an msflexgrid?

I'm using the age old method of a text box with the flexgrid to provide
editing options and this works fine, but I alternate the colour of my
msflexgrid rows and when I bring up the text box I'd just like to make its
backcolor the same as the row just to make it look a bit more professional.

Code I'm using at the mo is:

  txtGridBox.Left = gridHistory.CellLeft + gridHistory.Left
  txtGridBox.Top = gridHistory.CellTop + gridHistory.Top
  txtGridBox.Width = gridHistory.CellWidth - 2
  txtGridBox.Height = gridHistory.CellHeight
  txtGridBox.BackColor = gridHistory.CellBackColor  << this is the specific
  txtGridBox.Visible = True

but I keep getting a cellbackcolor return of 0 (black) rather than the pale
blue that is there.

All of the other Cellxxxx values read fine, eg CellHeight, so how come the
colour won't come through?

Is there a way round this?


10/13/2010 9:41:59 PM
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