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I have a client with a point-of-sale system written in Clipper and
running under Windows 7 using the commercial xHarbour compiler.  The
POS system uses ICVerify as their credit card processing software, but
ICVerify is going out of business so the credit card processing
software needs to be replaced.  They have decided to use Creditcall
(https://www.creditcall.com/developers) as the replacement solution.  

Although I maintain their system, Clipper/xHarbour is not my native
coding environment so I need some guidance on how to interface with
Creditcall's API (a 'restful' API).  I need someone to do a 'proof of
concept' in Clipper/xHarbour that interfaces with the Creditcall
software via Clipper code and demonstrates some simple processing.  I
will use that sample code to integrate the Creditcall software into
their POS system.  

Examples of interacting with the Creditcall ChipDNA API are in C# so
familiarity with that language would be a plus.

I will provide the hardware (credit card reader) needed for testing.
It is up to the contractor to provide the Windows 7 environment for
development.  I will pay an hourly rate.  

Interested individuals should contact me at the email addy munged
Scott Coffey
Scott at Scott dash(-) Coffey dot net
11/9/2016 3:45:21 PM
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