help if you can

I have an old Dell Latitude LM P-100SD Laptop. When I turn it on the screen
"Partition table corrupted or doesn't exist - save to disk feature is
disabled" and it doesn't try to boot from the floppy either. And when I try
to go into the bios it asks for a password which I don't have. (yard sale
computer) Any ideas ???? Thanks
Any other newsgroups I can try ????

9/12/2004 3:38:09 AM
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"johnsmith" <> wrote in message news:<BwP0d.1571$_53.1536@trndny02>...
> I have an old Dell Latitude LM P-100SD Laptop. When I turn it on the screen
> reads
> "Partition table corrupted or doesn't exist - save to disk feature is
> disabled" and it doesn't try to boot from the floppy either. And when I try
> to go into the bios it asks for a password which I don't have. (yard sale
> computer) Any ideas ???? Thanks
> Any other newsgroups I can try ????

First off, what OS are you running? Secondly, what type of floppy disk
are you trying to boot off of? In any case, find the Windows edition
that you want to install or work off, youll need to boot off it, so
youll have to access your BIOS settings, and since yours is password
protected youll have to "clear" or "jump" the CMOS settings, you can
think of the CMOS like non-erasable memmory and the BIOS as its
mini-processor. In order to clear the CMOS youll either have to guess
the password, use a floppy BIOS utility or "jump" "jumper 1", the last
option requires you to open up the hardware and look for two little
rods sticking up labeled something along the lines of "jmp 1". If you
have the motherboard schematics that would greatly help you out.
However if you dont think you can do any of that on your (and
understandibly so) simply visit your neighborhood computer shop to get
it fixed, this should cost you no more than $125.00 to get it fixed by
a shop or chain like best buy. If it does, scrap it and get yourself a
new laptop.
9/12/2004 6:20:58 PM
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