Mails sent mail to internal people are sent to their Internet mail address


When people in our company send mail messages to others in our company's
directory Lotus Notes sends directly to the Internet. Since our Domino
server is not yet configured as an SMTP relay, our fellows use Notes 6
client to read their Notes mailbox and send mails directly to the Internet.
They all have a pop3 account by our ISP that they must read from their Notes

Our Domino R6 server is installed on a Linux machine on which I have no
control. Notes R6 clients use replication to read their mail from their ISP
pop3 account.

I'd like Lotus Notes R6 clients to send directly to the Internet only when
necessary. How can I configure replication? Do I have to do something on the
Domino server itself?

Thanks for any hint/suggestion.

Vince C.

12/11/2003 11:50:20 AM
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