To code or not to code?

To code or not to code, that is question!

Reporting from Lotus Notes Applications has never been easy.  Notes
developers usually need to write reams of code to create even the
simplest of reports.  Check this - a single-level cross-tab report
takes about 2 days of code writing! Creating reports with higher
functionality only means more coding and more complexities.

Is there an alternative to this?

You bet there is! Introducing IntelliPRINT Reporting - a cutting-edge
next generation solution for Lotus Notes reporting. It is a native
Lotus Notes solution that acts as an add-on layer over your Notes
applications and offers the best-in-class reporting and printing

It can help you save up to 80% time!

How does it do that?

=BB It's Native to Notes - It integrates seamlessly with Notes. You
can invoke it from within Notes and use Notes field-names and
properties while designing reports/ documents

=BB Designs any type of document - You can create any type of document/
report using IntelliPRINT. Operational reports, multi-level cross tabs,
invoices, labels, etc.

=BB Supports Notes formulae - You can use Notes scripting as well as
@Formula for advanced report design

=BB Maintains Notes ACL - You don't need to enable additional security
on your data

=BB Report replication - IntelliPRINT provides you with the facility to
save your reports within your .nsf file, so reports automatically get

Download a trial copy now and decide for yourself - would you prefer
to write code OR use the Warp Drive! Create presentation-quality
reports without coding!

Free download available at http://www.synaptris.com/go/usenet

Meet us at Booth #623 in Lotusphere 2007 for a LIVE DEMO of the latest
developments in the IntelliPRINT.

1/10/2007 10:36:10 AM
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