Can I have a view of views?

I have a single form which has six pairs of fields on it.  Each pair
lists a pharmacy and whether or not it has been contacted.  It's easy
to make a view where the pairs are columns.

Patient    Pharm 1   Pharm 1 Contacted    Pharm 2      Pharm 2
Jane D    CVS         Yes                          Walgreens   No

Can I make a view, a la a relational database, where there is but a
single pair of columns and multiple entries are listed by the pair?
Concatenating the fields within a single form with ";" is not quite
what I want.   Can I create individual views for each pair (pharmacy 1
name, pharmacy 1 requested) and then somehow draw from a series of
views to make an uber-view -- a view of views?

Thanks in advance

Brad Smith

Patient   Pharmacy   PharmacyContacted
Jane D.  CVS           Yes
Jane D.  Walgreens   No

1/17/2006 11:09:12 PM
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