Split NSF files using the IBM Notes AMR tool...

You can Split Notes mailbox / DB NSF files using the Archive Mailbox Revert=
er (AMR) tool for IBM Notes.  It allows you to specify date ranges to split=
 the nsf archive file. Here are some basic steps to trick the AMR tool to s=
plit it since by default it focuses on reverting mailbox back to a primary =
server or local mail replica.

1. Create a new local mailbox (archive 2) using a mail template. i.e. Click=
 File - Application - New - Mail (R8.5) Template, and enter a title and fil=
ename archive\a_jsmith2010.nsf, then click OK.
NOTE: You might want to first click the Encryption button to disable encryp=
tion before clicking OK.

2. Open the new local mailbox (archive 2), then configure the archive profi=
le to point to the original archive (archive 1). i.e. archive\a_jsmith.nsf

2. Edit your IBM Notes location and change the mail location to local. i.e.=
 Mail file location: Local

3. Edit your IBM Notes location and change the mail file to the new local m=
ailbox filename (archive 2). i.e. Mail file: archive\a_jsmith2010.nsf

4. Open AMR tool and generate archive report using "AMR Lite mode".

5. Edit the report document (profile) displayed and add the original archiv=
e mailbox (archive 1) filename to the "Archive Files(s)" field. i.e. archiv=
NOTE: This step is not required if you copy/paste 1 email message to the ne=
w local mailbox (archive 2) and test archiving it. i.e. archive\a_jsmith201=

6. Click "revert archives" button and specify a date range. i.e. Jan 1, 201=
0 - Jan 1, 2011

7. When you are done don't forget to change your IBM Notes Location back to=
 the original primary mailbox settings.


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