Error 10054

Hi to All

If I check my mail I get the error message

"Error reading from network. Cause: Connection set by remote side

This mainly occurs for each personality when there is no mail. If the
mailbox has mail then the error does not occur and I can get mail Ok.

I have checked all settings for pop and smtp etc. and these are

Don Strachan

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5/22/2006 9:31:17 AM
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Don Strachan <don@nospamdonsautopages.co.nz> wrote:

> If I check my mail I get the error message

> "Error reading from network. Cause: Connection set by remote side
> (10054)"

That means the server decided it didn't want to talk to you any more. 
Unfortunately, the error message doesn't tell you anything about *why* the 
server decided to close the connection. 

> This mainly occurs for each personality when there is no mail. If the
> mailbox has mail then the error does not occur and I can get mail Ok.

That sounds to me like the connection isn't being closed properly when 
there's no mail, resulting in the server eventually deciding to end it 
because nothing is happening. 

Do you have an anti-virus program scanning mail? If you do, you might try 
turning off the mail-scanning portion and see if that stops the error 
messages. AV programs get between Eudora and the server and that sometimes 
interferes in the communication between them. This might just be caused by 
a peculiarity in the server in question though. Something similar happens 
when sending messages through gmail. Their SMTP server does not disconnect 
in the expected way, resulting in errors. If this is something similar to 
that, you may just have to ignore the error messages. 


5/26/2006 11:20:16 PM

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