Missing Download Messages

I've been having some unusual occurrences lately when downloading my
mail.  (Eudora v.6.2, sponsored version.)  I have a few different
pesonalities/user names, and will see a message that I have mail for
two different ones, and only one downloads.  I've checked and the
other isn't going to junk, trash, or anywhere else.

I also know I've missed some mail recently, or at least that's what
one of my contacts said.

Any thoughts on this?

I use Windows XP.
12/4/2004 12:52:12 AM
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Edw. Peach <bogus_addie@none.net> wrote:
> I've been having some unusual occurrences lately when downloading my
> mail.  (Eudora v.6.2, sponsored version.)  I have a few different
> pesonalities/user names, and will see a message that I have mail for
> two different ones, and only one downloads.  I've checked and the
> other isn't going to junk, trash, or anywhere else.

Is the problem that only one downloads or that they both download and the 
messages for one seem to disappear? If you don't know, you should watch 
the Task Status window to see what is happening. (Make sure you have the 
various columns in it set to display so that you can actually tell what is 

How are you determining that the missing messages aren't going to Junk or 
Trash or anywhere else? One of the more common reasons for disappearing 
messages is that they are being filtered to the Trash twice, which deletes 
them. The only way to tell that that is happening is if you've included a 
"notify user" action in the filters doing the trashing and turned on the 
filter report. Apart from that, the other relatively common reason for 
messages "disappearing" is that they're being sorted to a place in the 
mailbox that isn't obvious. 

12/8/2004 4:31:59 AM

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