Yahoo mail problems - mail not being delivered


Noted that others have had problems with Yahoo mail.

I sometimes simply do not receive emails - I am told they are sent, but
I check my inbox, bulk and trash folder and they are nowhere to be

This, though rarely, seems to happen with email sent from Latvian
addresses - with .lv extension. Perhaps there might be some built in
blocking in Yahoo mail? Funny thing is it is not constant - sometimes
mail from an address will be delivered, and sometimes it won't. I see
nothing in my filters that would cause the messages to fail to be

I am even a paying user (yahoo mail plus).

haven't abandoned yahoo for google mail yet since the tiein with yahoo
messenger (which i also frequently use) is rather nice, but if this
keeps up I will probably dump yahoo mail.

12/15/2006 11:22:16 AM
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