Pegasus mail on windows 2000 doesn't start properly after reinstall

Hi there,

I run windows 2000. Pegasus Mail was having weird problems with the
signatures (They would appear empty in the edit window, and new
signatures wouldn't show up under the messages) since an earlyer
upgrade. So, I tried reinstalling Pegasus from a fresh download. Since
then the program doesn't start up properly. It asks for a username and
then starts to load, but after it starts opening the new mail folder
it seems to hang. I tried giving it some time but after a few hours
it's still not loading.

Another thing I did prioor to reinstalling was enabling the spam
filtering that's built-in.

Other than that I can't think of anyhing. Does anyone have more of a
clue than me? Thanks!


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11/14/2004 4:02:11 PM
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