Speeding up Pegasus on a win7 HP 64bit multiprocessor system..

I don't know why things got a lot slower on my win 7 HP 64 bit (quad core) laptop.
(maybe some M$ patch I added along the way. ). 

Just opening a small email in the new mail folder(~130 messages) started taking 5-10

I found a solution, reducing Pegasus down to running on a single core significantly
improved things(and speed)..   You can do this from a task manager(Ctl-alt-del), and set
cpu affinity after starting Pmail, but that effect dis-appears when you close down

I found a little utility which permanently modifies a .exe to set cpu affinity.. 
I.E. set it once, no need to set it again.  

A very handy utility, especially with older app's like Pegasus running on newer systems. 

Note: I've been running into more and more older app capability issues running on new
multi-core(>2) CPU's..   
B.T.W.  Has any one found a way to increase the 7pt, new mail message fonts .." To,
Subject, Cc" fields??

7/6/2013 4:33:07 PM
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