Windows Live SMTP access with Mercury/32

This is a companion article to one posted in the Pegasus Mail groups. Some
time this month, Windows Live has allowed free Hotmail account users access
to their POP3 server. I have tested this server using MS Outlook Express 6:


I have enabled SSL, and am able to download Inbox messages from the server
in MSOE. However, when using the same settings in the Distributing POP3
Client of Mercury/32, I get the following error:

| 15:47:42.359: --- Fri Feb 13 15:47:42 2009 ---
| 15:47:42.375: Connect to 'pop3.live.com', timeout 30.
| 15:47:44.562: 22: Error -32 activating SSL session (locus 6014, type 4, code 0, 'Server provided a broken/invalid certifi')
| 15:47:44.562: --- Connection closed normally at Fri Feb 13 15:47:44 2009. ---
| 15:47:44.562: 

This is with "Via direct SSL" enabled in the client. Is there some tweak
that I need to apply to Mercury/32 to get this access to work?

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