Acupuncture courses: Right choice for right people

Here I am providing all the details about the acupuncture courses, I
hope this will help to all newcomers for finding information on it.
Acupuncture and Herbal:

The course will cover Chinese anatomy, meridians and points,
pathology, pulse reading and analysis, tongue, face, eye and skin
Spinal Acupuncture:
This is helpful for spinal movement.
Advanced Needle Manipulation: This is a unique course specializing in
authentic needling techniques with an explanation of correct usage of
reinforcing and reducing needling manipulations.

Auricular acupuncture and Stress Management: The emphasis of the
course falls on the practical application of auricular acupuncture in
alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

Cosmetic Acupuncture: It is very practically orientated with lots of
hands-on training.

Acupressure Massage: The emphasis of the course falls on the practical
application of acupressure massage as treatment for variety of muscle-
skeletal conditions.

Sports and Traumatic Injury: The day begins with a theoretical
explanation. After applying massage therapy on sport injury.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: 2 Year professional Training Diploma Course.
Each module will cover 10 Herbs which are similar you will study their
differences to understand the feature properties of each medicine

Chinese Pulse, Tongue and Face: 1 Year Diploma Course, It helpful for
Pulse, Tongue Facial diagnosis. Each module will cover Pulse, Tongue
and facial signs to focus attention on a particular syndrome.

Korean Hand Acupuncture: It is a 3 Month Diploma Course, Korean It
works on the body through correspondence points in the hand.

Meridian Stretch Massage: This course will give you the opportunity to
add your existing massage skills.
Anatomy & Physiology: This is useful body fitness treatment.
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